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1.audit 审计 2.attestation 鉴证 3.credibility 可信赖程度 4.audit of financial statements 财务报表审计 5.agreed-upon procedures 执行商定程序 6.high levels of assurance 高水平保证 7.compilation 编制 8.reliability 可靠性 9.relevance 相关性 10.professional skepticism 职业谨慎 11.objectivity 客观性 12. professional competence 专业胜任能力 13.Senior/CPA-in-charge 项目经理 14.audit engagement letter 业务约定书 15.recurring audit 连续审计 16.the client 委托人 17.change CPA更换注册会计师 18.the existing CPA 现任注册会计师 19.the successor CPA 后任注册会计师 20.the preceding CPA前任注册会计师 21.issue the audit report 出具审计报告 22.expert 专家 23.the board of directors 董事会 24.knowledge of the entity‘ s business 了解被审计单位情况 25.assess material misstatement risks评估重大错报风险 26.detemine the nature, timing and extent of the audit procedures 确定审计程序的性质、时间和范围 27.a general knowledge of —— 初步了解―――的情况 28.a more knowledge of—— 进一步了解的情况 29.the prior year‘s working papers 以前年度工作底稿 30.minutes of meeting 会议纪要 31.business risks 经营风险 32.appropriateness适当性 33.accounting estimate 会计估计 34.management representations 管理层声明 35.going concern assumption 持续经营假设 36.audit plan 审计计划 37.significant audit areas 重点审计领域 38.error 错误 39.fraud舞弊 40.modified or additional procedures 修改或追加审计程序 41.misappropriation of assets 侵占资产 42.transactions without substance 虚假交易 43.unusual pressures 异常压力 44.the suspected noncompliance 涉嫌存在违法行为 45.materialiy 重要性 46.exceed the materiality level 超过重要性水平 47.approach the materiality level 接近重要性水平 48.an acceptably low level 可接受水平 49.the overall financial statement level and in related account balances and transaction levels 财务报表层和相关账户、交易层 50.misstatements or omissions 错报或漏报 51.aggregate 总计 52.subsequent events 期后事项 53.adjust the financial statements 调整财务报表 54.perform additional audit procedures 实施追加的审计程序 55.audit risk 审计风险 56.detection risk 检查风险 57.inappropriate audit opinion 不适当的审计意见 58.material misstatement 重大的错报 59.tolerable misstatement 可容忍错报 60.the acceptable level of detection risk 可接受的检查风险 61.assessed level of material misstatement risk 重大错报风险的评估水平 62.simall business 小规模企业 63.accounting system 会计系统 64.test of control 控制测试 65.walk-through test 穿行测试 66.communication 沟通 67.flow chart 流程图 68.reperformance of internal control 重新执行 69.audit evidence 审计证据 70.substantive procedures 实质性程序 71.assertions 认定 72.esistence 存在 73.occurrence 发生 74.completeness 完整性 75.rights and obligations 权利和义务 76.valuation and allocation 计价和分摊 77.cutoff 截止 78.accuracy 准确性 79.classification 分类 80.inspection 检查 81.supervision of counting 监盘 82.observation 观察 83.confirmation 函证 84.computation 计算 85.analytical procedures 分析程序 86.vouch 核对 87.trace 追查 88.audit sampling 审计抽样 89.error 误差 90.expected error 预期误差 91.population 总体 92.sampling risk 抽样风险 93.non- sampling risk 非抽样风险 94.sampling unit 抽样单位 95.statistical sampling 统计抽样 96.tolerable error 可容忍误差 97.the risk of under reliance 信赖不足风险 98.the risk of over reliance 信赖过度风险 99.the risk of incorrect rejection 误拒风险 100. the risk of incorrect acceptance 误受风险 101.working trial balance 试算平衡表 102.index and cross-referencing 索引和交叉索引 103.cash receipt 现金收入 104.cash disbursement现金支出 105.bank statement 银行对账单 106.bank reconciliation 银行存款余额调节表 107.balance sheet date 资产负债表日 108.net realizable value 可变现净值 109.storeroom 仓库 110.sale invoice 销售发票 111.price list 价目表 112.positive confirmation request 积极式询证函 113.negative confirmation request消极式询证函 114.purchase requisition 请购单 115.receiving report 验收报告 116.gross margin 毛利 117.manufacturing overhead 制造费用 118.material requisition 领料单 119.inventory-taking 存货盘点 120.bond certificate 债券 121.stock certificate 股票 122.audit report 审计报告 123.entity 被审计单位 124.addressee of the audit report 审计报告的收件人 125.unqualified opinion 无保留意见 126.qualified opinion 保留意见 127.disclaimer of opinion 无法表示意见 128.adverse opinion否定意见 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150901/274262.html