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Net users are questioning whether people are after love or money in marriage, after survey respondents admitted that they prefer big city spouses from developed eastern China if they cannot find a partner in their hometown. 近来有受访者表示如果在家乡找不到合适的伴侣,不排除会在发达的中国东部择偶的可能。网友就开始骚动了,婚姻究竟是爱情至上还是金钱至上? he comments come after a widely circulated online survey by a Beijing-based consultancy found that a majority of the 1,000-plus respondents - 54.5 percent of men and 57.7 percent of women - prefer to go after a partners from their hometown before chasing a spouse from richer cities like Beijing and Shanghai. A partner from poorer regions like Gansu and Qinghai provinces was found to be the most unwanted. 这项网络上疯狂流传的在线调查由北京某咨询公司发起,调查显示在大约1000多名受访者中,有54.5%的男性和57.7%的女性倾向找本土伴侣,其次才考虑较富裕城市人选,比如北京和上海。而像甘肃和青海较为贫穷的省份,选择性最校该调查一出,则引起了网友的争议。 While some Beijing and Shanghai locals were flattered by the results, other Net users said that the people from outside provinces only prefer the city-slickers "because of their urban hukou (household registration) and the fact that they live in China's richest places." 一些北京和上海的居民却对该结果表示受宠若惊,有网友就说了外省人在这结婚仅仅是因为隐形的城市诱因。“比如城市户口和中国最富裕城市的居住环境。” The survey also revealed Sichuan women, known for their beauty in China, as the most popular among men (13.6 percent), while women from South China tended toward men from North China and vise versa for northern Chinese men. 该调查同样揭示了因美貌而出名的四川女性在广大男性中的受欢迎度(有13.6%的男性选择),而中国南方的女性更倾向选择来自中国北方的男人,也就是北方汉子。" The results definitely reflect the common notion that men want a beautiful woman while women want a rich husband," said Net user Huangjinchangleweiyanggong. “这项调查显然反映了一个普遍观念:男人想娶一个美丽的妻子,而女人想嫁一个富裕的丈夫,”网友’黄金长乐未央宫’说道。 But Net user Kunxuehan said that creating a "happy and harmonious family" is the ultimate pursuit of a couple "no matter where a partner comes from or regardless of how much their spouse earns." 但是网友’昆雪寒’却说:“打造幸福和谐的家庭是夫妻双方共同追求的终极目标,无论对方来自哪里,也无论对方的收入是多少。” Net user Qinqin said that Sichuan women are hardworking and virtuous, which is why they are so appreciated by all Chinese men. 网友’亲亲’说:“四川女性勤劳善良,这也是为什么大多数中国男人欣赏的原因。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20150731/265598.html