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工作之余(after-work entertainments, choosing and developing topics of conversation) Introducing topics/agendas I’m glad to bump into you. I wanted to ask you about… While we’re on the subject… I just wanted to mention… You know you mention…? There were a couple of points I wanted to mention… The other point was… There’s just one thing I wanted to say… Changing/ending a topic Anyway, let’s talk about something else. So, let’s leave that (for later). Changing the subject for a moment… By the way… Talking of… That reminds me… Checking and clarifying Do you see what I’m getting at? Is that clear? Do you mean…? Are you saying…? Let me see if I get it clear/correctly. Do you mean…? Asking about hobbies and interests Do you have any hobbies and interests? What do you do in your spare/free time? Expressing likes and dislikes I like football. I love reading. I enjoy cooking. I adore Tom Cruise. I’m interested in antiques collections, especially Chinese antique furniture. I’m quite into golf. I’m crazy/mad about rock’n’roll. I fall for folk dance. John is enthusiastic about hiking. I don’t like soccer. I hate boxing. Expressing preferences I prefer jazz to pop. I prefer staying at home to going out with him tonight. I prefer to play badminton rather than play basketball. Joe has a preference for European movies. Of all kinds of music, I like R&B best. Classical music is my favorite music. Hip Hop is my least favorite. As far as I am concerned, poetry reading is for the birds. For me, the best time is to sit back with a cold beer in my hand. I’d rather take the bus home. Sample Dialogue A: Have you watched any movie lately? B: Not really. I have been kept busy recently. A: That’s too bad. I went to watch the Red Dragon the other day. It’s really fantastic. B: Red Dragon? I haven’t even heard about it. A: What are you? From the cave? It has been an instant hit after it was put on show in the theatre. B: Well, I told you I was busy. So what was it about? A: It’s actually the prequel to The silence of the Lambs. In this one, the story of a former FBI agent Will Graham, who was nearly killed by Hannibal Lecter, is told, and it includes the initial capture of “the Cannibal”. B: Really? I have watched The silence of the Lambs. It features Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, right? A: You are right. But the new movie has a stronger cast, including young talents like Edward Norton and Ralph Fiennes. Of course, Anthony Hopkins stays and still plays Dr. Lecter. B: It sounds really exciting. I should try to find some time to go. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20141227/212357.html