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新编大学英语3听力 Unit 1

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 1 [00:01.94]Mythus and Legends [00:04.03]Part Two [00:05.72]Listening-Centered Activities [00:08.06]Listening 1 [00:09.76]Exercise 1 [00:11.63]Directions: [00:13.21]Listen to the passage and then answer the questions. [00:17.60]Work in pairs to check your answers. [00:20.59]Mart Moody's Bird Dog [00:22.86]Mart Moody from Tupper used to tell this tale. [00:26.24]"I went out one day and there was a big flock of ducks out on Tupper Lake. [00:31.39]And I had this good dog. I shot at the ducks, and then I sent the dog out there. [00:37.66]She was heavy with pups at the time, [00:40.97]and I didn't know whether I should send her out there. [00:45.40]It was a cold day in the fall. Well, she took right off and away she went. [00:52.60]But she didn't show up when it got dark. I began to worry about her. [00:58.68]She was a good dog, a really good retriever. She'd get anything I shot at. [01:05.56]So the next morning I woke up and I thought I'd better go see if I could find her. [01:12.68]And I got down to the shoreline of the lake and I looked out. [01:18.26]Suddenly I saw something coming. It was this dog, she came into the shore! [01:26.33]She had three ducks in her mouth. And behind her she had seven pups. [01:33.85]And each of the pups had a duck in his mouth." [01:38.42]1)What did Moody shoot at one day?2)Who went with Moody? [01:48.40]3)What happened to the dog after she left?4)Why was Moody worried about her? [01:57.90]5)What do you think of the ending? [02:02.83]Exercise 2 [02:06.90]Directions: [02:09.24]Listen to the passage again and decide whether the following statements are true or false. [02:16.51]Put "T" for true and "F" for false in the space provided. [02:23.89]Check the answers with your partner. [02:27.67]Listening 2 [02:31.31]Exercise 1 [02:35.20]Directions: [02:38.44]Listen to the passage and answer the questions. [02:43.84]Then check the answers with your neighbor. [02:49.34]Women Are More Clever than Men [02:54.35]There was an old man who had a daughter. [02:59.75]He told his daughter that he had invited a preacher to his house. [03:07.06]He said, "Daughter, I'm going down to the train to meet the Reverend, [03:14.94]and I've roasted two ducks and left them there for him in the other room. [03:22.28]Don't you touch them." The daughter said,"No, I won't touch them." [03:31.36]So her Papa went to the train to meet the Reverend, [03:37.40]and the girl began to taste the ducks. [03:43.06]The ducks tasted so good [03:48.17]that she kept on tasting them until she had eaten them all up,every bit of them. [03:58.36]After the old man came back, [04:02.71]he didn't even look in the place where he had left the ducks. [04:09.16]He went directly into the other room [04:14.20]to sharpen his knife on the oil stone so he could carve the ducks. [04:22.12]The preacher was sitting in the room with the girl. [04:27.70]She knew that her papa was going to punish her, [04:33.31]and she started crying and shedding some tears. [04:39.68]The preacher said, "What is the matter with you girl?" She said, [04:48.32]"Papa has this one bad fault - he invites preachers to his house [04:56.68]and goes to sharpen his knife to cut off both their ears." [05:04.34]And the Reverend said, "What is that you say, daughter?" The girl said, [05:13.45]"Yes, Papa invites preachers here all the time and cuts off both their ears." [05:23.39]The preacher said, "Daughter, hand me my hat, quick!" [05:29.83]The girl gave him his hat and he ran out of the door quickly. [05:37.25]The daughter called her Papa and said, [05:42.00]"Papa, the preacher got both of the ducks and has gone." [05:49.31]The old man ran to the door and yelled to the preacher, [05:56.22]"Hey, where are you going in such a hurry? [06:02.30]Come back here right now!" [06:07.02]But the preacher just kept running and shouted back over his shoulder, [06:14.51]"Damned if you'll get either one of these." [06:20.27]1)Whom did the old man invite to his house? [06:27.47]2)What did he roast for the guest? [06:33.62]3)Where did the father go to meet the Reverend? [06:39.96]4)What did the daughter do while the father was away? [06:47.70]5)What did the father do after he came back with the guest? [06:55.84]6)Why do you think the daughter started to cry in front of the guest? [07:04.44]7)What did she say to the guest? [07:10.60]8)What did the guest do after he heard what the daughter said? [07:18.12]9)What did the daughter say to her father when the preacher left? [07:26.54]10)What did the father shout to him? [07:32.34]11)What did the guest reply? [07:38.93]12)What does "either one of these" mean to the guest and to the father? [07:47.57]Exercise 2 [07:51.74]Directions: [07:54.88]Listen to the passage again and then role-play it in groups of three, [08:02.58]being "the old man", "the guest" and "the daughter". [08:09.31]Listening 3 [08:13.02]Exercise 1 [08:16.80]Directions: [08:20.26]Listen to the passage and fill in the following blanks [08:26.02]with the exact words you hear on the tape. [08:30.95]The Cat with the Wooden Paw [08:36.06]Jack Storme was the local barrel maker and blacksmith of Thebes, Illinois. [08:44.41]He had a cat that the (stayed around) his shop. [08:49.38]The cat was the best 2)(mouse catcher) in the whole country, Jack said. [08:56.29]He kept the shop 3)(free of rats and mice.) But, one day, [09:04.03]the cat got caught in a piece of machinery and 4)(got a paw cut off.) After that, [09:12.53]he began to 5)(grow weak and thin) and didn't take any interest in anything, [09:19.66]because he wasn't getting enough to eat. [09:24.48]So, one day, Jack decided to 6)(make a wooden paw) for the cat. [09:31.75]He made one with his pocket knife and 7)(fastened it on the injured leg.) After that, [09:40.25]the cat began to 8)(grow sleek and fat) again. [09:45.76]Jack decided to stay at the shop one night [09:50.54]to see how the cat 9)(managed) with his wooden paw. [09:55.87]After dark, the cat got down in front of a mouse-hole and waited. [10:02.78]Pretty soon a mouse 10)(peered out cautiously.) Quick as a flash [10:10.70]the cat 11)(seized it with his good paw) and knocked it on the head [10:17.51]with his wooden one. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121230/100209.html