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新编大学英语3听力 Unit 2

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 2 [00:03.20]Manners [00:06.01]Part Two [00:08.42]Listening-Centered Activities [00:12.56]Listening 1 [00:16.24]Exercise 1 [00:19.91]Directions: [00:23.22]You are going to hear a talk on American dining etiquette. [00:28.44]Before listening, work in pairs to decide whether the following behavior [00:35.28]is appropriate or not in China. [00:39.64]Put a tick in the "China" column if you consider it appropriate. [00:45.97]Dining Etiquette [00:49.46]If you're invited to an American friend's home for dinner, [00:55.19]keep in mind these general rules for polite behavior. [01:00.77]First of all, [01:04.62]arrive approximately on time (but not early). Americans expect promptness. [01:13.55]Being a few minutes late [01:17.72]might give the cook more time to get dressed or finish preparing the dinner, [01:24.17]so it's OK to be 10 or 15 minutes late but not 45 minutes late. [01:31.37]Dinner might be over-cooked and ruined by then. [01:36.52]When you're invited to someone's home for a meal, [01:41.30]it's polite to bring a small gift. Flowers or candies are always appropriate. [01:49.01]If you have an attractive item made in your native country, [01:54.41]your host and/or hostess would certainly enjoy receiving that as a gift. [02:01.25]If you are served some food that you don't like or can't eat, [02:06.90]don't make a fuss about it. [02:10.72]If your host doesn't say anything about what you aren't eating, [02:15.79]then you shouldn't,either. [02:19.68]Simply eat what you can and hope that no one notices what you left. [02:26.12]If you are questioned, you may have to admit that you don't eat meat(or whatever), [02:33.72]but you can also say that you've enjoyed the other foods [02:38.94]and have had "more than enough" to eat. [02:43.26]Don't make the cook feel obliged to prepare something else for you. [02:49.27]Be sure to compliment the cook on the food that you enjoyed. [02:54.64]Don't leave immediately after dinner, but don't overstay your welcome, either. [03:01.01]When your friends seem to be getting tired and running out of conversation, [03:07.09]take their behavior as a cue to leave. [03:11.48]The next day, call or write a thank-you note to say how much you enjoyed the evening [03:19.76]Exercise 2 [03:23.26]Directions: [03:26.96]Now listen to the tape and put a tick in the "America" column [03:33.66]if the behavior is considered acceptable in America. [03:39.17]Then compare your answers in pairs. [03:43.56]Exercise 3 [03:47.16]Directions: [03:50.69]Listen again and then discuss the following questions in small groups. [03:57.60]Listening 2 [04:01.20]Exercise 1 [04:04.91]Directions: [04:08.58]Listen to the tape and decide whether the statement you hear is true or false. [04:17.08]Write "T" for true or "F" for false. [04:23.45]Language Etiquette [04:26.90]Americans are usually tolerant of non-native speakers [04:33.96]who have some trouble understanding English. [04:39.11]But they become annoyed when a person pretends to understand but doesn't really. [04:47.60]This creates problems because he or she has misunderstood what was said. [04:55.74]No one wants soap when he asked for soup. [05:02.11]So if you don't understand what is said to you, [05:08.27]admit it and politely ask the person to repeat or explain. [05:15.97]All you have to say is ,"Excuse me, [05:21.91]would you mind repeating what you said? I don't understand." [05:28.82]Second,it is quite rude to converse with a companion in your native language [05:37.79]and leave your American friends standing there feeling stupid [05:45.10]because they can't understand the conversation. [05:51.18]The Americans may also feel that you are talking about them [05:58.02]or saying something you don't want them to hear. [06:03.60]If you have to swith to your native language [06:08.93]to explain something to a non-English-speaking companion, [06:15.16]then at least translate for your American friends so they don't feel left out. [06:22.90]Exercise 2 [06:26.50]Directions: [06:30.02]Listen to the tape again. For Blanks 1-12, [06:37.12]fill in the exact words you hear on the tape. [06:41.90]For Blanks 13 and 14, fill in the missing information. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121230/100208.html