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新编大学英语2听力 Unit 1

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 1 [00:02.77]Food [00:05.33]Part Two [00:08.64]Listening -Centered Activities [00:12.82]Litening 1 [00:16.49]Exercise 1 [00:19.98]Directions: [00:23.26]Listen to the dialogue [00:26.89]and fill in the order list below with the information you get from the tape. [00:34.02]Guest: Hello, Room Service This is Room 226 [00:40.28]We'd like to order breakfast for tomorrow. [00:45.29]Floor waiter: Yes, sir. What would you like? [00:49.10]Guest: We'd like to start with fruit juice, orange for me and grapefruit for my wife [00:56.05]Fresh juice, pleas Not canned or frozen. [01:01.38]Floor waiter: Right, sir. One fresh orange and one fresh grapefruit [01:06.42]Guest: Good. [01:09.30]And then bacon, eggs, and tomato for me and two soft-boiled eggs for my wife [01:17.33]and toast, butter, and marmalad [01:21.97]Do you have different marmalades? [01:25.39]Floor waiter: Yes, sir. We'll put a selection of preserves on your trap [01:31.01]And is it tea or coffee? [01:34.64]Guest: Tea, please, but with lemon, not milk. [01:40.19]Floor waiter: Very good. And when is it for? [01:44.76]Guest: Oh, about 7:30 would be fine. [01:49.80]Floor waiter: Fine, and could you give me your name, sir? [01:54.84]Guest: It's Sands. Mr and Mrs Sands, Room 226. [02:02.26]Floor waiter: Thank you, sir. [02:05.46]Listening II [02:09.10]Exercise 1 [02:12.80]Directions: [02:16.40]Listen to the first part of the passage [02:21.16]and complete the following by filling in the blanks [02:27.24]The American passion of speed has now hit the food business [02:32.86]Many restaurants, in particular the great chain restaurant company McDonald's, [02:39.70]specialize in "fast food" [02:44.48]food which is served at the counter ready "to go " or "to take out [02:52.62]The food, cooked and hot, is packed into cardboard and plastic containers [03:00.29]and hot drinks go into plastic cups with tight-fitting lids [03:07.45]There are also drive-in fastfood restaurants [03:13.25]where the customer does not have to leave his or her cap [03:18.94]They first stop at a board where the menu is displayed [03:25.42]give an order through a microphone and then drive another twenty yards [03:33.84]where a girl hands them the meal ready cooked and packet [03:40.18]People who prefer to eat at a table in the restaurant also receive their food [03:47.09]in cardboard or plastic containers [03:51.84]and the knives, forks and spoons are plastic, too [03:58.14]When they have finished, customers throw everything except the tray into a trash can. [04:06.24]Directions: [04:08.90]Listen to the second part of the passage and answer the following questions. [04:16.14]In most cities, large and small, you can eat Mexican or Italian food [04:23.16]And even small towns have a coffee shop serving simple meals [04:29.60]drinks of all kinds-- and excellent, freshly made coffee [04:36.80]You sit at the counter, or are served at a table [04:42.74]Service in restaurants and coffee shops is efficient and friendly [04:49.66]Waiters and waitresses often introduce themselves [04:54.59]"Hi! I'm Don(or Debbie). What can I get you folks [05:01.39]This friendliness is natural and not entirely influenced by the hope of a high tip [05:09.20]In any case, people usually tip 15% of the check [05:16.12]One of the most pleasant things about waiters and waitresses [05:21.91]is that they refill your coffee cup several times for no extra charge. [05:29.33]1)What is said about service in restaurants and coffee shops in America? [05:37.61]2) What impression do waiters and waitresses give customers [05:45.31]when they intuoduce themselves? [05:49.81]3) What is an appropriate amount for a tip? [05:56.26]4) What is one of the most pleasant things about waiters and waitresses? [06:04.61]Listening III [06:08.14]Exercise [06:11.63]Directions: [06:15.48]Listen to the tongue twisters and fill in the blanks with the words you hear [06:22.97]Listen again to check your answers [06:27.61]Then practice saying these tongue twisters as quickly as possible. [06:34.63]1) The big baker bakes black bread. [06:40.46]2) "The bun is better buttered," Bill muttered. [06:47.77]3) Cheryl's cheap chip shop sells cheap chips. [06:55.37]4) You can have:fried fresh fish,fish fried fresh,fresh fried fish, [07:05.20]fresh fish fried,or fish fresh fried. [07:10.45]5) All I want is a proper cup of coffee.Made in a proper coffeepot. [07:18.73]You can believe it or not--I want a cup of coffee.In a proper coffeepot. [07:25.36]Tin coffeepots or Iron coffeepots,They're no use to me. [07:32.63]If I can't have a Proper cup of coffee In a proper copper coffeepot [07:39.83]I'll have a cup of tea. [07:43.54]1) The big baker bakes black bread 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121230/100207.html