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新编大学英语1听力 Unit Nine

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 9 The Joy of Travel [00:05.08]Part Two Listening-Centered Activities [00:09.65]Listening 1 [00:11.45]Exercise 1 [00:14.18]Directions: Listen to the dialog and choose the appropriate answer for each item. [00:22.39]Maria: Good afternoon. I'd like to book two return air tickets from Istanbul to Athens,please. [00:29.63]Travel agent: Certainly. When are you travelling? [00:32.69]Maria: We want to take the flight tomorrow afternoon and come back Friday afternoon. [00:37.94]Travel agent: First class or economy class? [00:40.68]Maria: Economy class. [00:42.37]Travel agent: Two adults? [00:43.88]Maria: Yes. [00:45.04]Travel agent: And your name is---? [00:47.34]Maria: Almar. A--L--M--A--R. [00:52.70]Travel agent: Initials? [00:53.93]Maria: M.H. [00:55.22]Travel agent: And the other passenger? [00:57.67]Maria: P.J. Almar. [00:59.69]Travel agent: On the 11th and the 14th, did you say? [01:03.94]Maria: That's right. Do we have to change planes? [01:07.79]Travel agent: No, it's a direct flight. Here are your tickets, Mrs Alma [01:12.32]These are for the outward journey---from Istanbul to Athens on flight SN862 at 17:50 on July 11th [01:22.55]And these are for the return journey---Athens to Istanbul on flight SN863 at 15:10 on July 14t [01:33.31]Don't forget to be at the airport 45 minutes before departure time. [01:38.82]Maria: Thank you. Do you accept credit cards? [01:42.38]Travel agent: Certainly. Thank you. That's TL6,79 [01:48.65]Could you sign here, please? Thank you very much. [01:52.39]Maria: Thank you. [01:53.72]1) Where does the conversation most probably take place? [01:58.80]2) How many people are going to Athens? [02:03.55]3) How will the woman go to Athens? [02:08.48]4) What's the woman's full name? [02:13.06]5) When will the woman go to Athens? [02:17.77]6) How long will the woman stay in Athens? [02:22.38]Exercise 2 [02:24.76]Directions: Listen again and fill in the following table with the information you have learned from the dialog. [02:34.37]Listening Two Exercise 1 [02:39.37]Directions: Read the statements below. then listen to the conversatio [02:47.44]Stop at the end of each part. Put "T" in the space provided if the statement is true and "F" if it is false. [03:00.54]Alex, a young Englishman, is staying in New York with Linda,a friend of hi [03:07.70]He is only there for two days and wants to see as much as possibl [03:13.03]He is talking to Linda about the most interesting places. [03:17.78]L: So what are you going to do while you're here? [03:22.14]A: Well. I don't know much about New York really, you know, just the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. You tell me! [03:32.58]L: You've just got two days, righ [03:35.60]You're going to be pretty busy if you want to see all the sights! [03:40.61]A: I'm planning to start early tomorrow morning. What should I do first? [03:45.61]L: I think you should start with the Empire State Buildin [03:49.90]It's not the highest building now, but the view's just beautiful in the morning, when it's clear and fresh. You have to do that! [03:59.22]A: Mm. It sounds great! I'll definitely do tha [04:03.50]Which is the highest building in the city now? [04:06.53]L: The World Trade Center buildin [04:09.52]But you should go there at night for the view---there's a bar up there and you can relax and look at the lights of the cit [04:17.33]It's really wonderfull! [04:18.73]A: Right! [04:19.85]Part two A: What else do you recommend? [04:23.92]L: Well, it depends on what you like---art, shopping, theatre? [04:29.60]A: Well, not shopping particularly. But I'd like to see an art gallery or two. [04:35.11]L: Oh, then you must go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Which is just enormou [04:42.13]You could spend two days ther [04:44.65]That's by central Park, so you can take a walk through Central Park at the same time, but not after dark, remembe [04:53.11]It's dangerous then. [04:55.13]A: Right. [04:56.57]Part 3 [04:58.22]A: What about the Statue of Liberty? I must see the Statue of Liberty! [05:02.87]L: Well, there are different ways to do tha [05:06.76]You can take a tour by boa [05:09.13]That stops so you can get out and climb up to the top. [05:13.27]A: Yeah? [05:14.32]L: Or the cheap way is just to take the regular Staten Island ferry---that's not a tourist boa [05:21.23]so it doesn't stop---but it passes right by. [05:25.30]A: No, I think I'll be a tourist and climb up to the top! [05:29.36]L: All right. Well, there's another interesting trip in the same area---to Ellis Islan [05:36.71]There's a big museum all about the immigrants who arrived ther [05:40.96]That's pretty isteresting! [05:43.08]A: Mm. Yes, I'd definitely like to do that,too. [05:46.57]L: Sure, but you're going to be pretty bus [05:50.21]You won't be able to do that in one day [05:53.27]It's a long way, you know! [05:55.28]A: Really? How far is it? [05:57.37]L: Five or six miles at least! [05:59.96]A: Is it? I've got no idea where these places are. Have you got a map, perhaps? [06:05.69]L: Sure, I'll go and get it, and you can plan your route. [06:10.22]Exercise 2 [06:12.24]Directions: Listen to the conversation agai [06:16.88]Work in pairs and role-play a dialog between a Chinese guide and a foreign touris [06:25.74]Choose a city in China as a settin [06:30.28]The guide should find out what kind of things the tourist is interested in and give advice about the best places to visit. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121230/100202.html