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新编大学英语3听力 Unit 5

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 5 [00:03.17]The Power of Words [00:06.52]Part Two [00:09.54]Listening-Centered Activities [00:13.46]Listening 1 [00:16.49]Exercise 1 [00:19.69]Directions: [00:23.00]Listen to the story "You Can Do That". [00:27.90]Then decide whether the following statements are true or false. [00:33.37]Put "T" for true and "F" for flase in the space provided.You Can Do That [00:41.62]My name is Atsuko Saeki. [00:45.50]I work as a salesclerk in a big department store in Fuji, Japan. [00:51.48]Six years ago when I was 21 years old, I went to California to attend college. [00:58.97]Life in the United States was much more difficult than I ahd ever imagined. [01:05.20]It wasn't like the descriptions I had read in my textbooks. [01:10.09]People often seemed tense. I felt very alone. [01:15.89]One of my hardest classes was physical education. We often played volleyball. [01:22.73]All the other students were good at it, but I wasn't. One afternoon, [01:29.64]the teacher asked me to hit the ball to my classmates. [01:34.00]For most people, [01:37.27]this would be easy but I was terrified that I would make a fool of myself. [01:43.90]One of the boys on my team saw how nervous I was. [01:48.72]He walked up to me and whispered, "Come on, you can do that." [01:54.55]You can't imagine how those words of encouragement made me feel. [02:00.02]I was so happy, I almost cried. [02:04.74]I managed to hit the ball and I think I thanked the young man, but I'm not sure. [02:11.65]I have never forgotten his kind words of encouragement. [02:16.44]He probably doesn't even remember what he said to me [02:21.12]or how much his kindness meant to me. [02:25.22]Whenever things aren't going well, [02:28.86]I think of those simple words of encouragement:"Come on, you can do that." [02:35.05]We often forget that our words can have a powerful impact on other people. [02:40.92]Even a simple word-good or bad-can have a lasting effect. [02:47.65]Exercise 2 [02:50.96]Directions: [02:53.95]Listen to the story again, and [02:58.49]1)each member of the class contributes a sentence to retell the story; [03:05.18]2)discuss with your partner what lesson you've learned from the story. [03:11.56]Listening 2 [03:14.72]Exercise 1 [03:17.96]Direction: [03:20.81]Kate is an Australian nurse [03:24.80]and wrote an elderly lady a letter to thank her for mailing missionary packages. [03:31.79]That letter was valuable to the elderly lady. [03:36.18]Here is the reply the elderly lady sent to Kate. [03:41.15]Listen carefully to the first part of the letter and then answer the questions. [03:47.84]Check your answer with your partner. [03:51.84]A Valuable Letter of Reply [03:55.66]The first part [03:59.26]Dear Miss Austen, [04:02.14]I was so happy to receive your letter. It is a valuable letter of reply to me. [04:09.34]I never expected such a detailed response. I am eighty years old and I am blind. [04:17.87]There is little I can do except knit and that is why I knit so many caps, [04:24.74]sweaters and scarves. Of course, I can't write, [04:30.97]so my daughter-in-law is writing this letter for me. [04:36.01]I know a little bit about the work you are doing. [04:40.40]At the age of nineteen I married a man who was going to China to be a missionary. [04:46.96]For 40 years, with an occasional year at home in America, [04:52.75]we worked in China. We had two sons, only one of whom is still alive. [05:01.64]After 40 years, my husband's health began to fail. [05:07.01]We moved back to the States [05:11.00]where he took charge of a settlement house in Brooklyn, New York. [05:16.51]When my husband died, I came to Toronto to live with my son and daughter-in-law. [05:23.64]1)How old is the American lady? [05:28.86]2)What does she knit? [05:33.68]3)Who wrote the letter? [05:38.04]4)Why couldn't the old lady write the letter herself? [05:44.95]5)How old was she when she got married? [05:50.89]6)Where did the couple work for forty years? [05:57.16]7)How many of her children are still alive now? [06:03.53]8)Why did the couple return to America? [06:09.50]9)Where did the elderly lady go after her husband died? [06:16.85]10)Who lives with her now? [06:21.96]Exercise 2 [06:25.92]Direction: [06:29.45]Listen to the second part of the letter. [06:34.02]Then fill in the blanks according to what you have heard. [06:39.42]Check your answer with your partner. [06:44.46]The second part [06:47.77]What I most wanted to say is this. [06:52.60]For 60 years I have been making up missionary packages of clothing, [06:58.97]food, medicine, or books. [07:02.96]I have sent them to various parts of the world. [07:08.00]Sometimes I have received a printed slip of acknowledgement, sometimes nothing. [07:15.28]Never before in all these years have I had a personal letter describing the village [07:22.58]and telling me who is wearing the clothing and what they said. [07:28.45]I never thought that in my lifetime I would receive a letter like that. [07:34.68]May God bless you. [07:38.46]Exercise 3 [07:42.13]Directions: [07:45.23]Listen to the whole story again and discuss in groups 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121228/99933.html