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新编大学英语1听力 Unit Five

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 5 Money [00:03.42]Part Two Listening-Centered Activities [00:08.46]Listening 1 [00:10.22]Exercise 1 [00:12.20]Directions: Listen to the first part of the conversation and answer the following questions. [00:20.30]Sara Smith is from a little town in Australia [00:24.30]She is visiting her friend He Gang in Hong Kon [00:28.80]They are on a shopping trip. [00:31.43]H: Well, here's the store I was telling you about where you can buy really nice silk things to take back to Australia [00:41.11]You said your sister wanted some skirts. [00:44.35]S: I know just what I want to get but I realize that I left my traveler's checks at your place and I don't have any money with me. [00:52.70]H: That's OK. I've got my plastic! [00:56.30]S: You mean your credit card? [00:58.14]H: No, my bank card. [01:00.73]1) Where does the conversation take place? [01:05.12]2) What does Sara want to buy for her sister? [01:10.06]3) What is Sara's problem? [01:14.12]4) How can the problem be solved? [01:19.06]Exercise 2 [01:21.40]Directions: Listen to the second part of the conversation and fill in the blanks with the information you hear from the tape. [01:31.12]S: How can you use that in a store? Is it like a credit card? [01:35.18]H: No, not really. It's a card issued by my ban [01:40.48]It's the same card I use at the automatic teller machine at the bank. [01:45.62]S: I still don't understand. We're nowhere near your bank. [01:49.84]H: Let's go to the cashier and I'll show you how EPS works. [01:55.49]S: What does EPS mean? [01:57.61]H: Well, it stands for " Electronic Point of Sale". [02:01.90]S: OK. You just gave the cashier your bank card and she swiped it through her machine. Now what happens? [02:10.36]H: Now I just have to punch in my PIN on this little thing that looks like a calculator. [02:17.38]S: What's PIN? [02:18.78]H: A personal identification number. [02:21.52]S: So now the cost of my sister's skirts has been taken out of your bank accout. [02:27.20]H: That's right. [02:28.82]S: Don't you ever worry that someone might take all your money? [02:32.21]S: Well, they could only do that if they knew my PIN numbe [02:37.18]It's neat system because you don't have to carry around a lot of cash. [02:42.86]S: That's neat. [02:44.41]Exercise 3 [02:46.43]Directions: Listen to the whole conversation again and then role-play the whole conversation. [02:55.07]Listen 2 [02:57.12]Exercise 1 [02:59.03]Directions: Before you listen to the passage,can you guess from the title what the passage might be about? [03:11.02]An Unusual Millionaire [03:13.39]Exercise 2 [03:15.26]Directions: Listen to the passage and then fill in the table with what you hear from the tape. [03:23.72]An Unusual Millionaire [03:26.10]I know a man called John Smith who is a very unusual millionair [03:33.05]What makes him unusual is that he has no mone [03:37.91]He says the average millionaire never uses money and always gets other people to pay for taxis or drinks [03:47.66]This is because he is so used to thinking in millions that small amounts of money are not worth thinking about. [03:57.38]But this does not mean he has no worrie [04:01.63]On the contrary, the average millionaire worries constantly about his businesse [04:08.69]His great wealth also makes it difficult for him to be happy and comfortable with other peopl [04:16.86]Are they friendly because they like hi [04:19.81]Or do they pretend to like him because they want his mone [04:24.96]John Smith says he feels very sorry for millionaires [04:29.64]who, instead of being masters of their wealth, are slaves of their million [04:36.37]In one way, however, John Smith always behaves exactly like a millionair [04:43.07]I mean he never has any money and generally manages to persuade someone else to pay for his drinks. [04:52.75]But unlike other very rich men, he gives back good value for mone [04:59.48]He is full of jokes and fu [05:02.90]An evening spent with him is not chea [05:06.36]because he is usually very thirsty, but he always makes people happ [05:12.23]He does not give much thought for tomorro [05:15.43]He is the happiest man I have even me [05:19.36]Whenever I meet him, he tells me [05:22.99]"In money I am not rich, but in peace of mind I am a millionaire [05:30.19]And then the world's richest, penniless man usually adds, with a smil [05:37.46]"Do you have time for another drink?" How can I refuse? [05:43.84]Exercise 3 [05:45.92]Directions: Listen to the passage again, and then work in pairs to answer the following questions. [05:54.42]1) Why is John Smith "an unusual millionaire"? [05:59.96]2) Why does the speaker say that John Smith is "the world's richest, penniless person"? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121228/99925.html