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新编大学英语1听力 Unit 10

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit Ten [00:03.02]Man and Animals [00:07.45]Part one [00:10.33]Preparation [00:13.93]2. Discussion of "Noah's Ark" [00:19.37]Directions: [00:22.86]Listen to the story "Noah's Ark [00:27.86]Then discuss in groups the following question [00:33.16]If you were Noth, which animal would you not want to take with you? Why not? [00:42.77]Noah's Ark [00:45.97]Do you know the story of Noah's ark [00:50.62]Noah lived a long, long time ago [00:55.51]He was a good man [00:59.04]God told Noah to build an ark and to gather his family [01:06.02]and two of every animal( one female and one male ) into the ark [01:14.20]because it was going to rain and the world was going to be destroyed. [01:21.04]So Noah gathered two of every animal including snakes, elephants, giraffes, [01:29.32]cows and even skunks [01:35.00]It rained for 40 days and 40 nights [01:40.73]After the rain stopped, the water dried up [01:46.52]One year later, Noah let the animals out of the ark [01:53.72]Some went to Africa, some to Asia, and some to Australia, Europe, and America. [02:03.34]God Promised never to destroy the earth again with water [02:09.64]And as a promise, God gave us the rainbow. [02:15.76]Part Two [02:19.18]Listening-Centered Activities [02:23.71]Listen 1 [02:27.20]Exercise 1 [02:30.84]Directions: [02:34.30]Listen to the dialog and choose the best answer for each item. [02:41.21]Fear of Spiders [02:44.63]W: Why do you think people are afraid of tarantulas? [02:49.63]M: Well, I guess it's because people are afraid of all spiders, [02:55.03]and tarantulas happen to the biggest of all the spiders [03:00.76]And maybe it's also because some spiders really are very poisonous [03:06.91]In California for example---living in most of the garages in California--- [03:14.11]you get black widow spiders [03:17.96]which are quite small but they are certainly more dangerous than tarantulas. [03:24.84]W: But personally you aren't afraid of tarantulas? [03:29.92]M: Well I shouldn't be frightened of tarantulas, [03:34.67]simply because I know that they aren't really dangerous--- [03:40.03]all they can do is to give you a small bite [03:44.35]but it's not poisonous [03:48.42]And yet I must say I don't like to pick them up [03:53.71]But you see, some people keep pet mice and pet rabbits and well [04:01.24]they can give you a much worse bite than a tarantula ever could [04:06.71]And yet people aren't frightened of them. [04:11.32]W: Why do you think people are frightened of spiders? [04:16.50]M: I don't know---it's very strange [04:20.93]People are frightened of spiders and they are frightened of snakes [04:26.76]and, well obviously some spiders and some snakes really are poisonous [04:34.64]But most snakes are harmless, [04:38.32]and it's really strange that people are so frightened of spiders [04:44.18]because it's quite difficult to find a spider that's really dangerous. [04:50.74]Exercise 2 [04:54.34]Directions: [04:57.65]Listen to the dialog again to check your answers to Exercise 1 [05:04.67]and then discuss in pairs the following question. [05:11.04]Which two of the following animals are you afraid of the most, and why? [05:18.24]Listening 2 [05:21.41]Exercise 1 [05:24.68]Directions: [05:27.82]Listen to the dialog and answer the following questions. [05:33.97]Choosing a Pet [05:37.79]A: Good afternoon, madam. Can I help you? [05:42.04]C: Yes. I'm looking for a pet for my son. [05:48.05]Can you suggest anything? [05:51.97]A: What kind of pet does he want? A traditional pet...a cat... or a dog? [05:59.75]Or something unusual? [06:03.31]C: Well, he'd like a snake or a crocodile, but he isn't going to get one. [06:11.27]A: We've got a nice Alsatian dog at the moment. [06:16.67]C: An Alsatian? Did you say "an Alsatian"? Oh no, I've read about them in the paper [06:25.88]A: Oh, no, madam. They aren't as savage as some dogs. [06:31.39]C: Really? [06:34.60]A: Oh, yes. Last week we had a small dog [06:40.36]It was only as big as your handbag, [06:44.60]but it was as savage as a tiger... it bit me three times! [06:51.59]C: Perhaps not a dog, then. [06:55.48]A: How about a cat? [06:59.54]C: A cat? Hmm...they aren't as friendly as dogs, are they? [07:06.71]A: No, but they don't eat as much as dogs eitheh [07:12.50]And they're very clean. They wash themselves every day. [07:19.06]C: Hmm... [07:21.83]A: Or how about a bird? A parrot or a budgie? We have both. [07:29.35]C: Yes, but budgies don't need as much space as parrots, do they? [07:36.59]A: That's true. Budgies are very popular because they are so easy to keep. [07:44.18]C: Yes...but they're a bit noisy, aren't they? I want a quiet pet. [07:51.17]A: A quiet pet? Well how about a goldfish. There's nothing as quiet as a goldfish. [08:01.14]1) For whom is the woman going to buy a pet? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121228/99924.html