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新编大学英语2听力 Unit 7

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 7 [00:02.84]Music [00:05.65]part 1 [00:09.36]3 Sing along [00:13.82]Directions: [00:17.46]Listen to the songs and fill in the missing words.Then sing along [00:24.66]1 Edelweis [02:17.99]2 DO Re Me [03:55.04]3 Moon River [06:52.63]4 Country Roads [10:08.51]5 Top of the Worid [13:10.56]6 Yesterday Once More [17:08.12]Part Two [17:11.15]Listening-Centered Activities [17:15.50]Listening I [17:19.57]Exercise 1 [17:23.96]Directions: Bill, Howard, and Lisa are talking about background music [17:32.35]Listen to the first part of the conversation and then fill in the blanks [17:38.69]Then listen again to check your answers. [17:43.94]On Background Music [17:48.01]In this conversation, Bill, Howard, and Lisa are talking about background music. [17:56.40]PART ONE [17:59.53]Bill: What are you working on now? [18:03.49]Howard: I've just finished a piece of background music. [18:08.24]Lisa: Background music? Oh, like the music they're playing here now. [18:15.05]Howard: Yes. You hear it everywhere--in restaurants, airports, [18:21.78]supermarkets,department stores [18:25.92]Bill: In banks, too. I noticed it while we were at the bank today. [18:32.33]Lisa: Did you? I didn't. [18:36.00]Howard: You are not supposed to notice it .It's just there, in the background [18:42.55]It's supposed to influence your attitudes, put you in the right mood. [18:49.10]Lisa: I'm not sure I like that idea. [18:53.57]Howard: Well, it seems to work [18:56.99]Companies pay millions of dollars every year for background music [19:02.93]It's supposed to give you a better feeling about yourself and the people around you [19:09.70]Factories use it a lot [19:13.30]It makes the workers happy, and they work better that way [19:19.09]In one factory, music increased production 4.5 percent. [19:26.00]Bill: I should think they'd get tired of hearing music all day. [19:30.76]Howard: They don't though [19:33.92]One fellow in San Francisco told me, "If the music stops, [19:40.58]somebody always runs to the telehone to complain." [19:45.62]Lisa: Now that I think about it, [19:49.55]I can't remember when there wasn't background music in restaurants and stores. [19:55.92]Howard: That shows how young you are [19:59.99]Actually, it all started during World War II [20:05.10]when some factories had their own orchestras to keep workers happy and came [20:12.26]Now, of course, the music is piped in by a machine, [20:17.59]and different kinds of music are played at different times during the day [20:24.25]They play faster music at ten in the morning than at eight [20:29.90]for instance, because workers tend to be slower then. [20:36.06]Exercise 2 [20:39.77]Directions: [20:42.94]Listen to the second part of the conversation [20:47.87]and decide whether the following statements are true or false [20:55.03]Write "T" for true and "F" for false [21:00.29]Then listen again to check your answers. [21:05.00]PART TWO [21:08.68]Bill: What about restaurants [21:12.20]Do they play the same music for dinner and lunch? [21:16.92]Howard: I don't know about that, but I do know that hamburger places play fast music [21:24.44]When they started playing faster music, [21:29.16]they found that a customer spent only seventeen minutes eating [21:35.96]The time was twenty-two minutes before that. [21:40.61]Lisa: So they have more people coming in and out to buy hamburgers. [21:45.79]Howard: Exactly.And that's good for busines [21:51.59]You can see why music has become so popular [21:56.84]In Los Angeles,for instance, [22:00.73]thirty different companies are selling background music sevices [22:06.85]Lisa: I still think there's something about it that I don's quite like [22:13.12]Howard: I know what you mean, but lots of people would't agree with you [22:19.16]The Xerox Corporation in Rochester, N.Y., [22:24.96]spends more than $80,000 a year for background music. [22:30.76]Prisons use it, and farmers use it to keep their cattle calm [22:36.98]It's even supposed to have an effect on plants. [22:42.35]Listening II [22:45.73]Exercise 1 [22:50.48]Directions: [22:54.23]Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks [22:59.56]Listen again to check your answers. [23:03.98]Music to Operate by [23:07.76]More and more doctors are operating to music [23:13.31]They say it eases their minds [23:17.77]One doctor in Chicago says classical music [23:23.86]is the only kind that does not interfere while he is operating [23:29.83]But in another Chicago operating room, the British rock group Pink Floyd can be heard [23:38.40]And in Washington, at least one doctor operates to the sound of the Beatles. [23:46.07]Researchers from the State University of New York at Buffalo [23:52.15]did a study that seems to confirm that music helps reduce tension in doctors [24:00.43]They gave fifty male doctors difficult mathematical kinds of tests. [24:07.88]The doctors did the test while listening to music they had chosen [24:14.83]They did a similar test while listening to music that was chosen for them [24:21.67]They were tested a third time with no music at all [24:27.36]Each time, a machine measured their heart rate and blood pressure. [24:34.13]The doctors worked most quickly and calmly [24:39.53]when listening to the music they had chosen [24:44.35]They did the worst with no music at all. [24:49.57]What kinds of music did the doctors choose [24:54.32]Mostly classical [24:57.74]But some chose instrumental jazz pieces or Irish folk music. [25:05.34]There probably is one piece of music [25:09.69]that should never be played during an operation: [25:14.88]Brahms' Lullab 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121227/99795.html