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新编大学英语阅读4 Unit 7

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Profiles of Today's Youth:They Couldn't Care Less [00:02.45]今日青年的写照:他们漠不关心到了极点 [00:04.90]1 John Karras,28 years old,was in a card shop the other day as the radio, [00:07.85]那一天,28岁的约翰·卡拉斯在一家贺卡店里。 [00:10.80]which provides the soundtrack for his generation, [00:12.51]当时为青年人播放他们喜爱的背景音乐的广播里 [00:14.22]offered a report on the dead and missing in the floods that had just flashed through southeastern Ohio. [00:17.91]插播了一条关于在刚刚扫荡俄亥俄州东南部的洪水中死亡和失踪者的报道。 [00:21.60]2 The cashier,a man a bit younger than Mr.Karras, [00:23.63]那个比卡拉斯先生略为年轻一点的收银员, [00:25.67]looked up at the radio and said:"I wish they'd stop talking about it. [00:28.19]抬头看了看收音机说:“但愿别再谈论这些了。 [00:30.71]I'm sick of hearing about it." [00:31.81]我都听烦了。” [00:32.90]3 Mr.Karras,a doctoral student in education at Ohio State, [00:35.59]在俄亥俄州立大学攻读教育学博士的卡拉斯先生, [00:38.27]recalled this incident to illustrate what he sees as a "pervasive"attitude among the memebers of his generation toward the larger world: [00:42.73]回忆起这件事来说明在他看来“盛行”他这一代人中的对周围世界的态度: [00:47.20]the typical young person doesn't want to hear about it"unless it's knocking on my door." [00:50.18]典型的青年人是“事不关已,不闻不问。” [00:53.17]4 The findings of two national studies concur. [00:54.88]两次全国范围的调研得出一致的结论。 [00:56.59]The studies,one released today and the other late last year,paint a portait of a generation of young adult [01:00.82]两次调查的结果,一次是今年公布的,另一次是去年年底公布的,描绘了一代青年 [01:05.05]from 18 to 29 years of age,who are indifferent toward public affair [01:08.20]--18至29岁,对公众事件漠不关心的形象 [01:11.35]It is a generation that,as the Times Mirror Center for the People and the Press put it in a report released today, [01:15.62]如“大众和新闻界时代明镜中心”今天公布的一篇报告中所说这一代青年, [01:19.88]"knows less,cares less,votes less,and is less critical of its leaders and institutions than young people in the past." [01:24.92]“与以前的青年相比,所知更少,所关心的更少,更少参加选举,也更少评论领导人和社会制度。” [01:29.96]5 "My teacher told me:'Always question authority,'"said Paul Grugin,2 [01:33.11]5“我的老师告诉我要常质疑当局”22岁的保罗。格拉金说 [01:36.26]one of the two dozen young people interviewed this week by The New York Times in this mid-size city in the middle of the countr [01:40.31]他是本周《纽约时报》在美国中部一个中等城市被采访的24位青年之一 [01:44.36]"You can question authority,but you can burden authority. [01:46.54]“你可以质疑当局,但你也可能给当局制造麻烦。 [01:48.72]Let them do their job." [01:49.85]让他们做自己的事情吧。” [01:50.99]6 The indifference of this generation-to politics,to governmen [01:53.74]这一代人的漠不关心:对政治、政 [01:56.50]even to news about the outside world--is beginning to affect American politics and society, the reports sugges [02:00.73]乃至有关外面世界的新闻报道已经开始影响美国的政治和社会,这些报告表明了这点 [02:04.96]helping to explain such seemingly disparate trends as the decline in votin [02:08.00]这有助于解释参加选举投票人数的减少 [02:11.04]the rise of tabloid television and the effectiveness of negative advertising. [02:14.35]庸俗电视的兴起,不良广告的巨大作用 [02:17.66]7 While apathy and alienation have become a national plague, [02:19.70]说冷漠和疏远已成为整个国家的通病: [02:21.73]the disengagement seems to run deeper among young Americans,those 18 to 29, [02:25.04]但是18至29岁的美国青年似乎更深地沾染了自顾自的习气, [02:28.36]setting them clearly apart from earlier generations. [02:30.26]从而使这代人与前几代人明显地区分开来。 [02:32.17]8 No one has yet offered a full explanation for why this should be so. [02:34.96]至今还没有人能充分地解释这一现象。 [02:37.75]The lack of mobilizing issues is part of the answer,as are the decline of the family and the rise of television. [02:41.75]也许,缺乏能鼓动人心的事件,家庭的衰落以及电视的兴起可以解释一二。 [02:45.74]9 young people themselves mention the weakness of their civic education, [02:48.05]年轻人自己则认为这是公民教育的缺陷引起的, [02:50.35]and they talk incessantly of stress-their preoccupation with getting jobs or grades and their concern about personal threats like AIDS and drugs. [02:55.95]并不断地谈到他们的压力——对就业和成绩全力以赴的关注。对艾滋并毒品等危及自身的问题的担忧。 [03:01.55]"There are a lot more pressures on them than there were on us,"said 48-year-old Ron Zelle [03:04.54]“他们面临的压力比我们以前多得多”,48的罗恩。泽勒说 [03:07.52]who talked about the differences along with his 22-year-old daughter,Susan,and his 18-year-old son,John. [03:11.45]当他与22岁的女儿苏珊和18岁的儿子约翰一起谈到他们的不同之处时 [03:15.37]10 The study by Times mirror,a public opinion research center supported by Times Mirror Co., [03:18.68]时代明镜是时代明镜集团资助的一个公众观点调查中心。 [03:22.00]looked at 50 years of public opinion data and concluded,"Over most of the past five decades, [03:25.85]该中心分析了50年来有关公众观点的资料,得出结论:“在过去50年中的大多数时间里, [03:29.70]younger members of the public have been at least as well informed as older people. [03:32.35]青年人至少与年老的人有同样广的见闻, [03:34.99]In 1990 that is no longer the case." [03:36.99]但在90年代情况就不一样了。” [03:38.99]11 This concern was echoed in a second report,prepared last year by People for the American Way, [03:42.26]这种担忧在去年的另一篇的报告中得到了印证-“美国公众生活方式” [03:45.54]a liberal lobby and research organization, [03:47.41]-一家自由党院外活动集团和研究机构, [03:49.28]Which concluded that there is "a citizenship crisis"in which"America's youth are alarmingly ill-prepared [03:53.05]该报告断言,现在存在“公民危机”无法指望美国青年 [03:56.81]to keep democracy alive in the 1990's and beyond." [03:59.11]在90年代以及90年代之后保存民主。” [04:01.42]12 The decline in voting is one illustration of how what seems to be a general problem is, [04:04.69]参加选举的人数减少就是一个例证。 [04:07.97]in fact,most heavily concentrated among the young. [04:10.27]它说明了这个看似普遍的问题实际上主要集中在青年人身上。 [04:12.58]Surveys by the census bureau show that since 1972 almost all of the decline in voting has been among those under 45, [04:17.54]人口调查局的普查显示,自1972年以来,选举人数的减少几乎都集中在45岁以下的人中, [04:22.51]and that the sharpest drop is among those between 18 and 25. [04:25.66]其中在18至25岁的年龄段减少得最多。 [04:28.81]Among the elderly,voting has risen,according to the census bureau surveys. [04:31.76]而参加选举的年老者人数则在增多,这是根据人口调查局的普查显示的。 [04:34.72]Older people,more settled than the young,have always participated more in elections. [04:38.03]年老的人比年轻人生活更安定,他们一直都更积极地参加选举。 [04:41.34]But the gap has widened substantially.In 1972 ,half of those between 18 and 24 said they voted, [04:46.47]但是两者的差距已明显地拉大了。1972年,18岁至24岁的人中有一半人说他们参加了选举。 [04:51.60]as did 71 percent of those 45 to 64,a gap of 21 percentage points. [04:55.45]45岁至64岁之间的人中有70%参加选举。差距为21个百分点。 [04:59.30]In 1988,36 percent of the 18-to-24-year-olds and 68 percent of the 45-to 64-year-olds said they voted, [05:04.63]1988年18岁至24岁的人中的36%说他们参加了选举。45岁至64岁之间的人中有68%参加了选举。 [05:09.96]a gap of 32 percentage points. [05:12.23]差距是32个百分点。 [05:14.50]14 Shonda Wolfe,24,who has waited on tables since dropping out of college,said she had voted only once, [05:18.53]24岁的肖恩德。沃尔福大学退学后一直在做餐厅服务员,她说她仅参加过一次选举, [05:22.56]when she was 18 and still living at home. [05:24.16]当时她18岁还跟父母住在一起。 [05:25.76]"I guess my mother was there to push me,"she said. [05:27.37]“我想那是由于我妈催着我去的。”她说。 [05:28.97]15 Now,she said,she does not pay much attention to politics or to the news. [05:31.81]如今她说自己不大关心政治和新闻。 [05:34.66]"I try to avoid it--all the controversy,"she said. [05:36.69]“我尽量回避它们——所有的争端”,她说, [05:38.72]"It just does not interest me at this point in my life. [05:40.40]“在生活的现阶段我就是对此不感兴趣。 [05:42.07]I's rather be outside doing something,taking a walk." [05:44.18]我宁愿在外面做些事,散散步。” [05:46.28]16 Not one of the young people interviewed in Columbus, [05:47.89]没有一个在哥伦布接受采访的年轻人, [05:49.49]at the Street Scene Restaurant and the Short North Tavern,had a good word to say about politics or politicians. [05:53.21]对政治或政客有褒扬之辞,他们是在哥伦布的街景餐馆和近北客栈接受采访的。 [05:56.94]But unlike older people,who often express anger about news about sloth or corruption in government, [06:00.67]然而在提及关于政府懒散和腐败的报道时年轻人不象年老的人那样常常满腔怒火, [06:04.39]these young people seem simply to be reporting it as a well-known fact. [06:06.70]这些年轻人只是将此作为众所周知的事情来谈论。 [06:09.00]"Most politicians are liars,"said Deborah Roberts,a 29-year-old secretary. [06:11.99]29岁的秘书德博拉·罗伯茨说:“大多数政客是骗子。” [06:14.98]17 People for the American Way,in its report, [06:16.61]“美国公众生活方式”的报告中, [06:18.25]noted that young people seemed to have a half-formed understanding of citizenship, [06:21.13]指出年轻人似乎对公民权一知半解。 [06:24.01]stressing rights but ignoring responsibilities. [06:25.85]他们只强调权利而忽视了义务。 [06:27.68]18 When asked to define citizenship,Shonda Wolfe said it meant the right not to be harassed by the police. [06:31.61]当问及如何定义公民权的概念时,肖恩德·沃尔夫说那就是不被警察骚扰的权利。 [06:35.53]She cited as an intrusion on her rights the security guards' insistence at a concert that she and her boyfriend stop turning on their cigarette lighters. [06:40.77]她举例说,在音乐会上保安人员坚持阻止她和她的男友点打火机是对她权利的侵犯。 [06:46.01]19 Nancy Radcliffe-Spurgeon,24,a student at Ohio State, [06:48.85]24岁的俄亥俄州大学学生南希·拉德克利夫一斯珀吉翁, [06:51.70]said she thought that many of the attitudes of her generation were based on feeling safe. [06:54.61]说,她觉得这代人的许多看法是以安全感为基础的。 [06:57.53]"It's easy to isolate yourself when you think things are going pretty well for you, [06:59.90]如果你认为一切都很好,你很容易使自己孤立起来, [07:02.28]so you don't rock the boat. [07:03.34]用不着去闹事。 [07:04.40]20 Occasionally,someone in the interview would mention voting. [07:06.35]偶尔也有被采访者提选举。 [07:08.29]None of the young people when asked about citizenship included in their definition of good citizenship running for office, [07:12.76]但在问及公民权时,没有一个年轻人把此纳入好公民的概念之中:竞选公职, [07:17.22]attending a community board meeting,studying an issue,signing a petition,writing a letter to the governor, [07:21.25]参加社区委员的会议,研究问题,在请愿书上签名,向政府官员上书 [07:25.28]or going to a rally. [07:26.27]或参加集会。 [07:27.26]21 Certain issues do get their attention,almost always involving government interference in personal freedoms. [07:30.81]某些问题的确引起他们的重视。这些问题大多涉及政府对个人自由的干涉。 [07:34.36]They generally favor access to abortion, [07:35.92]他们普遍赞成流产。 [07:37.49]and a few of the young people were upset by efforts to cut off federal funds for art works deemed obscene. [07:41.07]一些年轻人对试图停止一向被认定是淫秽的艺术作品提供联邦资金的做法感到沮丧。 [07:44.65]22 Andrew Kohut,director of surveys for Times Mirror, [07:46.88]时代明镜调查的总负责人安德鲁·科胡特说, [07:49.12]said there was a new generation gap, [07:50.34]说存在有新的代沟, [07:51.56]in which those under 30 were separated by their lack of knowledge and interest from those over 30. [07:54.91]由于30岁以下的人缺乏知识和兴趣,他们与30岁以上的人之间有了一道新的代沟。 [07:58.26]23 People in their 30s and 40s are disenchanted with the world,but remain aware,said Mr.Kohut. [08:01.72]科胡特先生说三四十岁的人虽然对世界不抱幻想,但仍然保持对世界的关注。 [08:05.17]But those under 30,he said,"are not so much disillusioned as disinterested." [08:08.59]然而30岁以下的人,他说,更多的是失去了兴趣而不是失去幻想。 [08:12.01]New Words [08:13.04]单词 [08:14.06]abortion n [08:14.89]堕胎;流产 [08:15.72]alarmingly adv [08:16.75]让人担忧地 [08:17.77]alienation n [08:18.71]疏离感 [08:19.64]apathy n [08:20.51]冷漠,缺乏兴趣 [08:21.37]bureau n [08:22.07]1)提供或收集消息的机构 2)(政府部门的)司;局;处;署 [08:22.78]census n [08:23.64]人口普查;统计 [08:24.50]concur v [08:25.21]同意,观点一致 [08:25.91]corruption n [08:26.90]腐败 [08:27.89]disenchanted adj [08:28.95]不再抱幻想的;不再着迷的;感到幻灭的 [08:30.01]disengagement n [08:31.29]解脱 [08:32.57]disillusioned adj [08:33.47]不再抱幻想的,大失所望的,幻想破灭的 [08:34.37]disinterested adj [08:35.43]不关心的;不感兴趣的 [08:36.49]disparate adj [08:37.32]根本不相同的;无联系的 [08:38.15]doctoral adj [08:39.14]博士的 [08:40.13]election n [08:40.99]选举 [08:41.86]harass v [08:42.88]骚扰 [08:43.91]illustration n [08:44.84]说明,例证 [08:45.78]insistence n [08:46.72]坚持 [08:47.65]intrusion n [08:48.64]闯入,侵扰 [08:49.63]mobilize v [08:50.69]调动,鼓动,动员 [08:51.76]obscene adj [08:52.78](尤指思想、书籍等)猥亵的,淫秽的,下流的 [08:53.81]pervasive adj [08:54.87]蔓延的,遍布的;渗透的 [08:55.93]petition n [08:56.80]请愿(书) [08:57.66]profile n [08:58.52]1)简介 2)侧面(像) [08:59.39]settled adj [09:00.09]固定的;稳定的 [09:00.79]sloth n [09:01.58]懒惰,懒散 [09:02.38]soundtrack n [09:03.56]电影配乐的录音 [09:04.75]tabloid adj [09:05.74]轰动性的;庸俗的 [09:06.73]tavern n [09:07.79]酒馆 [09:08.86]widen v [09:09.76]1)(使)扩大 2)(使)变宽 [09:10.66]Me,Stuart,Mum and Dad [09:12.37]我、斯图尔特、妈妈和爸爸 [09:14.08]1 On Saturday,I introduced my parents to Stuart. [09:16.22]星期六那天,我把父母介绍给斯图尔特。 [09:18.36]After he'd left I went back into the kitchen to ask my parents what they thought of him. [09:21.28]他走后,我回到厨房问父母他们对他的看法。 [09:24.19]Perhaps I'm old fashioned,or maybe I'm just looking for criticism, [09:26.68]也许是我老派,或者只是我找批评, [09:29.16]but I always like my parents to meet my boyfriends. [09:31.03]但我总喜欢让父母和我的男友们见面。 [09:32.90]I think it's good for both parties. [09:34.38]我认为这对双方都好。 [09:35.86]If nothing else, [09:36.61]至少, [09:37.37]it enables me to see the guy form a different point of view and it tells me whether I'm onto a good thing or not. [09:40.95]我可以从另外一个角度观察一下男友,让我知道与他交往究竟好与不好。 [09:44.53]2 Boys tend to divide into two categories where my parents are concerned. [09:47.09]在与父母有关的事情方面,男孩们倾向于两种类型。 [09:49.64]They either shrink into themselves and leave me to do the talking, [09:51.82]他们要么沉默寡言一声不吭不得不由我来维护谈话, [09:54.00]or else they'll be really outgoing and confident and stand up well to the interrogation. [09:56.88]要么大方自信,毫无惧色地接受父母的询问。 [09:59.76]On the whole I like the second type best, [10:01.43]总的说来,我更喜欢第二类, [10:03.11]especially those who aren't afraid to give their own opinions. [10:05.00]尤其是那些有自己观点并敢于表达的人。 [10:06.89]I haven't subjected many shy ones to the torture, [10:08.49]我没有带多少害羞的男孩回家受这种折磨, [10:10.09]because I like boys who have something to say for themselves,and anyway,it's embarrassing. [10:13.17]因为我喜欢有主见敢表达的男孩子。不管怎样,那种情形也太令人窘迫了。 [10:16.25]3 Stuart Definitely falls into category two. [10:18.05]斯图尔特无疑属于第二类人。 [10:19.85]He's very outspoken,offensive even,and he'll argue about anything just for the sake of arguing. [10:23.57]他有一说一,率直到冒犯人的地步,而且会为任何事情与人仅为争论而争论。 [10:27.30]He also criticizes,and with my parents he picked on private education. [10:30.38]他也批评。与我父母谈话时,他选择了私立教育作为批评对象。 [10:33.46]My sister's at a private school and he challenged my parents on it. [10:35.94]我的妹妹在一所私立学校工作,他竟敢在这个问题上向我父母叫板。 [10:38.42]I thought my mother was going to die on the spot.Still,he likes his opinions to be known and I don't think he really upset anyone. [10:42.89]我想母亲当场就要闭过气了。但是,他仍然是一吐为快,我倒认为他并没有真的令谁不悦。 [10:47.35]4 Although he was a bit rude to my parents,I didn't feel angry with him,beacause,as I said, [10:50.30]尽管他对我父母有些无礼,我却对他并不生气。因为,正如我说过的, [10:53.26]I like people to be confident in that way,and also because,for some perverse reason, [10:56.37]我喜欢人们的那种自信。也因为某种违背常情的理由, [10:59.48]I like it if my parents don't like the people I associate with. [11:01.63]凡是父母不愿意我结交的人,我越喜欢。 [11:03.77]I'm not quite sure why I feel like this,perhaps I unconsciously try to widen the gap between my parents and me. [11:07.66]我不很确定我为什么这样,也许潜意识里我尽力地在扩大我与父母之间的代沟。 [11:11.54]I do,I think,do things which I know they disapprove of because it makes me feel more free from them. [11:15.20]我想,我之所以做他们反对的事情是因为这使我觉得我从他们那里获得了更多的自由、 [11:18.85]My parents represent everything that is ordinary about life,and I want to be different from them. [11:21.97]我的父母代表了生活中普通与平凡的东西,我想要与他们不同。 [11:25.08]I'll probably grow out of it. [11:26.34]但也许我也会逐渐改变,不再这样了。 [11:27.60]5 I'm not saying that I'm entirely motivated by a desire to displease my parents, [11:30.25]我并非说我刻意要让他们不高兴, [11:32.89]but it does come into a lot of things, [11:34.33]这只是因素之一。 [11:35.77]for instance I go on a lot of political demonstrations. [11:37.81]比如说,我参加政治游行。 [11:39.84]I don't just go to annoy them. [11:41.15]我并不单独为了气他们。 [11:42.47]I believe very strongly in the causes,but it's a way of showing my parents that I can look after myself. [11:46.01]我坚信我们这一代人的追求,同时也向父母表明一点,我能照料自己。 [11:49.56]I like the feeling that I have a voice of my own, [11:51.20]我喜欢听见自己的声音, [11:52.84]and that hundreds of people share my opinions. [11:54.51]与千百人站在一起万众一心的感觉。 [11:56.18]The last march I went on was in October,and it was the biggest ever in Britain. [11:59.03]我最近参加的一次游行发生在十月份。这是英国历史上规模最大的一次游行。 [12:01.87]It'll go down in history and I was there. [12:03.78]它将载入史册,而其中就有我一份。 [12:05.69]That's really fantastic,a lovely feeling of power. [12:07.83]真是太棒了。这是一种可爱的自豪感。 [12:09.97]6 But I'm getting off the subject,Stuart and my mother and father,ma and pa or whatever. [12:13.48]我从谈论斯图尔特、父亲、母亲和我自己的话题上扯远了。 [12:16.99]7 They didn't actively dislike him,but they kind of warned me about him. [12:19.44]他们并没有很讨厌他,但他们含含糊糊地警告我当心他, [12:21.89]They said not to take anything he said too seriously,especially his political views. [12:24.64]他们说不要把他所说的过于当真,尤其是他那些政治见解。 [12:27.40]That annoyed me because I like to feel that nobody influences me,especially someone like Stuart. [12:30.74]这让我心烦,因为我喜欢觉得没人能影响我,尤其像斯图尔特这样的人。 [12:34.09](I have always been slightly suspicious of people who are completely,in every respect, [12:36.94]我一直有点怀疑在任何方面都是 [12:39.78]radically left-wing. [12:40.77]完全激进的左翼人物。 [12:41.76]I don't think they ever consider their ideas and their implications properly.) [12:44.17]我认为他们没有适当地考虑过他们的主张和用意。 [12:46.58]Anyway,I told my parents that nobody influences me,but I know it was a lie because every person you're close to influences you in some way, [12:51.34]不管怎么着,我告诉父母没人能影响我,但是我知道这是个谎言,因为身边的每个人都在影响你, [12:56.09]especially when you're young and the other person is like Stuart,a very strong character. [12:59.20]尤其是当你还年轻时,而身边的这个人是斯图尔特一样的有着很强个性的人。 [13:02.32]8 They were careful not to be too critical. [13:03.63]他们小心翼翼不至批评过于激烈。 [13:04.94]They hedged delicately and did not mention anything which I would say was irrelevant(like his appearance). [13:08.53]他们闪烁其辞不提我所认为不相干的事情(诸如他的相貌)。 [13:12.11]Although they didn't like his views,I think,in a way,they liked how he talked. [13:15.06]尽管他们不喜欢他的观点,我认为,他们有一点喜欢他们谈话方式。 [13:18.01]He's very articulate and I know he's clever. [13:19.65]他有很强的表达力、并且机智聪明。 [13:21.29]9 So they'll let me carry on seeing him,and like everything else,he'll be an escape for me,he'll stand for what I'd like to be. [13:25.48]因此他们会让我继续与他见面,象其它东西一样,他会是我回避现实的一种方法,他代表了我所希望成为的那种人。 [13:29.68]I don't admire his principles and motives, [13:31.24]我并不欣赏他的原则和动机, [13:32.81]but I admire his courage because I can never really break away from my comfortable,safe,boring family. [13:36.39]但我欣赏他的勇气因为我永远没办法摆脱我舒适安全却沉闷的家庭。 [13:39.97]If I associate with people who have broken away,do things that they do,maybe I'll convince someone that I am different. [13:44.17]如果我和脱离了家庭的人交往,做他们所做的事情,也许我是要向别人证明我是与众不同的。 [13:48.36]Maybe one day I'll really get away. [13:49.80]也许真有一天我会离开。 [13:51.24]But I'll more likely just,as I said,grow out of it. [13:53.15]但是我更可能如我说过的会逐渐讨厌那样, [13:55.06]I'll probably get married,have kids, [13:56.57]我也许会结婚、生了孩子, [13:58.08]and I'll watch them and try to shelter them the way my parents do for me. [14:00.35]看着他们成长,像父母对待我一样尽力去呵护他们。 [14:02.62]But maybe they'll be all right. [14:03.75]但是也许他们一切都好不用我费神。 [14:04.88]Perhaps they'll be the ones that change the world and all that. [14:06.88]也许他们将成为让这个世界和其它一切改变的人。 [14:08.88]We've got the right ideas but we haven't got the will power. [14:10.91]我们有正确的思想,但我们没有意志力。 [14:12.95]It's not important enough. [14:13.85]这还不够重要。 [14:14.75]Perhaps my kids will be different. [14:15.97]也许我的孩子会与众不同。 [14:17.20]I hope so.Because I just don't care. [14:19.37]我希望如此,但我并不在乎。 [14:21.55]New Words [14:22.49]单词 [14:23.42]articulate adj [14:24.79]表达力强的 [14:26.16]displease v [14:27.22]使不愉快;使生气 [14:28.28]embarrassing adj [14:29.35]令人为难的 [14:30.41]interrogation n [14:31.51]讯问;审问 [14:32.60]irrelevant adj [14:33.50]不相干的;离题的 [14:34.40]motive n [14:35.27]动机,目的 [14:36.13]mum n [14:36.73]妈妈 [14:37.32]pa n [14:37.95]爸爸 [14:38.58]perverse adj [14:39.28]违反常情的 [14:39.98]College Pressures [14:40.81]大学生活压力 [14:41.64]1 Dear Carlos:I desperately need a dean't excuse for my chemistry midterm which will begin in about 1 hour. [14:44.57]亲爱的卡罗斯:我急需院长免除我参加一小时后即将开始的化学期中考试。 [14:47.51]All I can say is that I wasted this week. [14:48.79]我所能说的只是因为我浪费了这个星期的时间。 [14:50.06]I've fallen incredibly,inconceivably behind. [14:52.08]我已不可思议令人难以置信地落在后面了。 [14:54.10]2 Garlos:Help! I'm anxious to hear from you. [14:55.66]卡罗斯:帮帮忙!我迫切希望收到您的回信。 [14:57.23]I'll be in my room and won't leave it until I hear from you. [14:59.17]我会在寝室里一直等着。 [15:01.12]Tomorrow is the last day for... [15:02.41]明天就是……最后一天了。 [15:03.71]3 Carlos:Probably by Friday I'll be able to get back to my studies. [15:06.03]卡罗斯:也许到星期五我才能够重新开始学习。 [15:08.35]Right now I'm going to take a long walk. [15:09.83]现在我正着手参加一个长途跋涉, [15:11.30]This whole thing has taken a lot out of me. [15:12.53]这整件事已经让我疲惫不堪了。 [15:13.75]4 Who are these miserable people making urgent requests for help,scribbling notes so laden with anxiety? [15:17.44]这些可怜的人是谁呢,他们这么急切地请求帮助,满腹焦虑地匆匆写下这些便条? [15:21.13]They are men and women who belong to Branford College,one of the twelve residential colleges at yale University, [15:24.98]他们是布兰福德学院里的男男女女。布兰福德学院是耶鲁大学十二所寄宿学院之一。 [15:28.84]and the messages are just a few of hundreds that they left for their dean, [15:31.45]这些便条只是他们留给院长的千百张中的几张, [15:34.06]Carlos Hortas--often slipped under his door at 4 A.M. [15:36.47]--卡洛斯。奥尔塔斯,它们常常是凌晨4点被从门缝里塞进来的。 [15:38.88]5 But students like the ones who wrote notes can also be found on campuses from coast to coast. [15:42.01]像这样一些写便条的学生在全国各地的大学校园里均可见到。 [15:45.14]Nobody could doubt that the notes are real. [15:46.82]没有人怀疑这些便条的真实性。 [15:48.49]In their urgency and their gallows humor they are authentic voices of a generation that is panicky to succeed. [15:52.54]从便条的迫切和黑色幽默这方面来看,它们是一代人迫切渴望成功的真实声音。 [15:56.59]6 My own connection with the message writers is that I am master of Branford College. [15:59.49]我与这些便条作者的联系源自于我是布兰福德学院的一名教师。 [16:02.39]I live on the campus and know the students well.If they went to Carlos to ask how to get through tomorrow, [16:06.24]我住在学校,和学生们很熟悉。如果说他们去卡罗斯那里请求通过第二天的考试的话, [16:10.09]they come to me ask how to get through the rest of their lives. [16:12.13]他们到我这里便是咨询如何度过他们今后的日子。 [16:14.16]7 Mainly I try to remind them that the road ahead is a long one and that it will have more unexpected turns than they think. [16:18.41]大多数时候,我尽力提醒他们,前面的路还很长,还会有比他们想像中更多的意外转折。 [16:22.66]There will be plenty of time to change jobs,change careers,change whole attitudes and approches. [16:26.60]还有许多时间来改变工作、转换职业,甚至全盘改变人生态度和方法。 [16:30.54]They don't want to hear such liberating news. [16:32.25]他们不想听到如此这般宽慰的话。 [16:33.96]They want a map-right now-that they can follow unswervingly to career security,financial security, [16:38.05]他们需要一张地图——迫切地——它可以不折不扣地指引他们获得职业,取得财富, [16:42.13]Social Security and,presumably,a prepaid grave. [16:44.54]得到社会保险金,也许还包括一个预付款了的坟墓。 [16:46.96]8 What I wish for all students is some release from the threatening grip of the future. [16:49.93]我希望所有的学生都能从对未来的紧张把握中解放出来。 [16:52.90]I wish them a chance to savor each segment of their education as an experience in itself and not as a grim preparation for the next step. [16:58.40]我祝愿他们能有个机会把他们所接受的每一点滴教育作经验来品尝,而不是为人生下一步作严酷的准备。 [17:03.91]I wish them the right to experiment,to trip and fall,to learn that defeat instructive as victory and is not the end of the world. [17:08.72]我还祝愿他们有权去试验和尝试,去受阻和跌倒,去明白失败了天不会踏下来,失败是成功之母的道理。 [17:13.52]9 My wish.of course,is naive. [17:15.07]当然,我的愿望很天真。 [17:16.62]One of the few rights that America does not proclaim is the right to fail. [17:19.41]美国没有赋予公民的少数权利之一便是失败的权力。 [17:22.20]Achievement is tha national god, [17:23.80]整个国家都崇尚成就, [17:25.40]worshipped in our media---the million--dollar athlete,the wealthy executive---and glorified in our praise of posessions. [17:30.30]媒体极力推崇取得成就的人们,如身价百万的运动员,富有的行政主管,我们在赞美财富的同时,也在颂扬成就。 [17:35.20]In the presence of such a potent state religion,the young are growing up old. [17:38.47]在这样一种有力的全国性的大气候影响下,年轻人的心理年龄较大于他们的实际年龄。 [17:41.75]10 "In the late 1960s,"one dean told me," [17:43.67]一位院长告诉我,“在二十世纪六十年代末期,” [17:45.60]the typical question that I got from students was'Why is there so much suffering in the world?' [17:48.66]学生问我们最典型的问题是‘为什么世上有这么多苦难?’ [17:51.72]or'How can I make a contribution?' [17:53.70]或者是‘我怎样才能作一份贡献尼?’ [17:55.68]Today it's 'Do you think it would look better for getting into law school if I did a double major in history and political science, [18:00.36]而现如今是‘您认为要进法学院我是修历史和政治的双学位看起来更好呢, [18:05.04]or just majored in one of them?'" [18:06.23]还是只修其中之一好?’” [18:07.42]11 Note the emphasis on looking better. [18:08.98]请注意,对“看起来更好”的强调。 [18:10.55]The transcript has become a sacred document, [18:12.26]学生成绩报告单已经变成了一份神圣的文件资料, [18:13.97]the passport to security. [18:15.28]一张保证前途的护照。 [18:16.60]How one appears on paper is more important than how one appears in person. [18:19.60]一个人在成绩单上的表现比一个人自身体现出来的东西更为重要。 [18:22.61]A is for Admirable and B is for Borderline,even though,in Yale's official system of grading, [18:26.55]A是令人敬佩的,B则是差强人意,尽管耶鲁官方评分系统中, [18:30.49]A means "excellent"and B means"very good", [18:32.44]A代表优秀,B代表很好。 [18:34.38]Today,looking very good is no longer good enough,especially for students who hope to go on to law school or medical school. [18:39.62]今天,看起来很好已不再是足够地好,尤其是对于那些希望进法学院或医学院的学生来说。 [18:44.86]They know that entrance into the better schools will be an entrance into the better law firms and better medical practices where they will make a lot of money. [18:49.50]他们知道进入了好的学校就等于进了更好的律师事务所和医疗机构,在那里他们可以挣大把的钱。 [18:54.14]They also know that the odds are harsh. [18:55.87]他们也明白进好学校的比率很校 [18:57.60]Yale Law School,for instance,accepts 170 students from an applicant pool of 3,700; [19:01.99]比如说耶鲁法学院从3700个申请者中只录取170个学生, [19:06.38]Harvard enrolls 550 from a pool of 7,000. [19:09.32]哈佛从7000人中也只招收500人。 [19:12.25]12 The pressure is almost as heavy on students who just want to graduate and get a job. [19:15.29]那些只想毕业找到一份工作的学生身上的压力也几乎同样重。 [19:18.34]Long gone are the days when students journeyed through college with a certain relaxation, [19:21.22]学生们轻松悠闲地穿过校园, [19:24.10]sampling a wide variety of courses--music,art,philosophy,classics,poetry [19:27.88]品尝着音乐、艺术、哲学、经典著作、诗歌等课程, [19:31.66]that would send them out as liberally educated men and women. [19:33.94]给他们带来的乐趣的日子已经一去不返了,而恰恰就是这些将他们塑造为开明的男女知识分子。 [19:36.23]If I were an employer I would rather employ graduates who have this range and curiosity than those who narrowly pursued safe subjects and high grades. [19:41.95]如果我是一个老板的话,我会选择在这方面有所作为和怀有兴趣的毕业生,而不是那些一味选择就业有保障的课程追求高分的人。 [19:47.68]I know countless students whose inquiring minds excite me. [19:50.00]我认识不计其数的学生,他们寻根究底的精神让我激动。 [19:52.32]I like to hear their ideas. [19:53.31]我喜欢听到他们阐述自己的观点。 [19:54.30]I don't know if they are getting As or Cs,and I don't care. [19:56.57]我不知道他们是获得A还是C,我也不在乎。 [19:58.84]I also like them as people, [19:59.95]我也喜欢作为民众的他们。 [20:01.07]The country needs them,and they will find satisfying jobs. [20:03.44]国家需要他们这样的人,他们也会找到满意的工作。 [20:05.82]I tell them to relax.They can't. [20:07.89]我告诉他们放松别紧张。他们无法做到。 [20:09.96]13 Nor can I blame them. [20:10.90]我也不能责备他们。 [20:11.83]They live in a brutal economy.Today it is not unusual for a student,even if he works part time at college and full time during the summer, [20:16.87]他们生活在残酷的经济现实中。现如今已不是什么新鲜事,即使我们在学校半工半读,暑假打工赚钱, [20:21.91]to have $ 5,000 in loans after four years--loans that he must start to repay within one year after graduation. [20:25.85]一个大学生读四年大学负债5000美元,而欠下的这些钱大学毕业的第一年内他便得开始偿还。 [20:29.80]How could he not feel under pressure throughout college to prepare for this day of reckoning? [20:32.46]在整个大学期间他怎样才能不感到为渐渐到来的清算之日作准备的压力呢? [20:35.12]14 Along with economic pressure goes parental pressure. [20:37.07]经济上的压力伴随着来自于父母方面的压力。 [20:39.01]Inevitably,the two are deeply intertwined. [20:40.94]这两种压力深深地交织在一起。 [20:42.86]15 I see many students taking pre-medical courses with joyless tenacity. [20:45.71]我见过许多上医科预备课程的学生趣味索然地苦撑。 [20:48.55]They go off to their labs as if they were going to the dentist. [20:50.50]他们去实验室就像去看牙医一样。 [20:52.44]It saddens me because I know them in other corners of their life as cheerful people. [20:55.63]这让我觉着难过,因为我知道生活中他们都是些欢快活泼的人。 [20:58.81]16 "Do you want to go to medical school?"I ask them. [21:00.32]“你心里想上医学院吗?” [21:01.84]17 "I guess so,"they say,without conviction,or"Not really." [21:04.21]“我猜是吧,”他们一点也不坚定。或者说“并不真想。” [21:06.59]18 "Then why are you going?" [21:07.38]“那为什么你们要上呢?” [21:08.17]19 "Well,my parents want me to be a doctor. [21:09.68]“哦,我的父母希望我成为一名医生。 [21:11.20]They're paying all this money and..." [21:12.56]他们付了那么多钱……”。 [21:13.93]20 Poor students,poor parents. [21:15.44]可怜的学生,可怜的父母。 [21:16.96]They are caught in one of the oldest webs of love and duty and guilt. [21:19.31]他们被困在了这张最古老的由爱,责任和内疚交织而成的网中。 [21:21.67]The parents mean well;they are trying to steer their sons and daughters toward a secure future. [21:25.20]父母的用意是好的,他们尽力地要把儿女导向有保障的未来。 [21:28.73]But the sons and daughters want to major in history or classics or philosophy-subjects with no"practical"value. [21:33.10]但是儿女们心里去想修读历史、经典著作或哲学,一些没有实践价值的学科。 [21:37.48]Where's the payoff on the humanities? [21:38.90]学人文学科有什么好处呢? [21:40.32]It's not easy to persuade such loving parents that the humanities do indeed pay off. [21:43.25]想要说服这些可爱的父母告诉他们学人文学科确实有好处是不容易的。 [21:46.19]The intellectual faculties developed by studying subjects like history and classics--an ability to synthesize and relate, [21:49.84]通过学习历史、经典著作等学烀所培养的知识能力是一种综合与联系的能力, [21:53.50]to weigh cause and effect,to see events in perspective--are just the faculties that make creative leaders in business or almost any general field. [21:58.82]权衡因果的能力,和洞察事物的能力。正是这样一些才能造就了商界以及几乎任何其它领域富有开拓性的领袖人物。 [22:04.15]Still,many fathers would rather put their money on courses that point toward a specific profession--courses that are pre-law, [22:08.58]然而,仍然有许多父亲把钱投在某一特定职业作准备的课程上——法学预备课程。 [22:13.01]premedical,pre-business,or,as I sometimes heard it put,"pre-rich". [22:16.68]医学预备课程,商学预备课程,或者是“预备发财课程。” [22:20.35]21 Peer pressure and self-induced pressure are also intertwined,and they begin almost at the beginning of freshman year. [22:24.87]同辈人的压力和自我造成的压力也交织在一起。它们几乎从大一新生学年一开始就存在了。 [22:29.39]22 "I had a freshman student I'll call Linda," [22:30.68]“曾有一个大一新生,名叫琳达。” [22:31.98]one dean told me,"who came in and said she was under terrible pressure because her roommate,Barbara, [22:35.24]一位院长告诉我,“她来找我说,她承受着可怕的压力,因为她的室友,芭芭拉, [22:38.50]was much brighter and studied all the time. [22:40.10]比她更聪明,并且总是在学习, [22:41.70]I couldn't tell her that Barbara had come in two hours earlier to say the same thing about Linda." [22:44.33]我没法告诉琳达,两小时前芭芭拉进来也说了同样的关于她的事情。” [22:46.96]23 The story is almost funny--except that it's not. [22:48.99]这个故事似乎很好笑——但其实不然。 [22:51.02]It's symptomatic of all the pressures put together. [22:52.79]它反映了加在一起的所有压力。 [22:54.55]When every student thinks every other student is working harder and doing better, [22:56.91]当每个学生都认为其他的学生都比自己用功而且成绩更好时, [22:59.27]the only solution is to study harder still. [23:00.83]唯一的解决办法就是他自己更加努力地学习。 [23:02.40]I see students going off to the library every night after dinner and coming back when it closes at midnight. [23:05.55]我见到学生们吃过晚饭后就去图书馆,直到午夜图书馆关门时才回来。 [23:08.70]I hear the clacking of computer keyboards in the hours before dawn. [23:10.97]拂晓之前我还听见计算机键盘的敲击声。 [23:13.24]I see the tension in their eyes when exams are approaching and papers are due:"Will I get everything done?" [23:16.64]当考试临近,或是快要交论文的期限时,我看见他们眼中的焦虑,“我能把一切都完成吗?” [23:20.04]24 Probably they won't.They will get sick.They will ge"blocked."Hey Carlos help! [23:25.12]也许他们不能。他们将要累得病倒。他们将力不从心。“嗨,卡罗斯,救命!” [23:30.19]New words [23:31.31]单词 [23:32.42]admirable adj [23:33.36]极好的;令人钦佩的 [23:34.30]applicant n [23:35.32]申请人 [23:36.35]clack v [23:37.32]发出咔嗒声;使咔嗒咔嗒地响 [23:38.29]gallows n [23:39.23]绞架;绞刑 [23:40.16]grim adj [23:41.23]1)严酷的,令人害怕的 2)(非正式)不愉快的,讨厌的 [23:42.29]hey interj [23:43.22]喂,嘿 [23:44.16]inconceivably adv [23:45.10]不可思议地 [23:46.03]inquiring adj [23:47.15]爱探索的,好问的 [23:48.26]instructive adj [23:49.20]有教益的,有启发的 [23:50.14]intertwine v [23:51.40](使)缠绕在一起 [23:52.66]joyless adj [23:53.72]不快乐的;沉闷无趣的 [23:54.78]liberally adv [23:56.13](指教育)着重于智力的开阔和通才 [23:57.48]loan n [23:58.42]贷款 [23:59.35]midterm n [24:00.74]期中考试 [24:02.12]panicky adj [24:03.10]恐慌的 [24:04.07]payoff n [24:05.09]报酬;报偿 [24:06.12]poetry n [24:07.24]诗篇,诗歌 [24:08.35]prepaid adj [24:09.50]已支付的,预付的 [24:10.66]reckoning n [24:11.77]结账,清算 [24:12.89]residential adj [24:14.00]1)提供住宿的 2)居住的;住宅的 [24:15.12]sadden v [24:16.06]使伤心;使悲哀 [24:16.99]symptomatic adj [24:18.05]征兆的,表明……的症候 [24:19.12]tenacity n [24:20.14]坚韧 [24:21.17]transcript n [24:22.05]学生成绩报告单 [24:22.93]unswervingly adv [24:23.96]坚定地 [24:24.98]urgent adj [24:26.10]急迫的,紧急的 [24:27.22]Postgraduate paralysis [24:28.75]毕业生的求职障碍 [24:30.28]1 Thousands of college graduates received their diplomas this year in fear or even embarrassment. [24:34.27]今年成千上万的大学毕业生在害怕或是烦恼之中获得了大学毕业文凭。 [24:38.27]They were not proud of themselves,nor eager to take on the real world. [24:41.15]他们并不为自己感到自豪,或是渴望接受真实世界的挑战。 [24:44.03]Instead,they thought of themselves as failures. [24:46.49]相反,他们认为自己是失败者。 [24:48.96]These are the graduates who have not been offered fat salaries and generous benefits. [24:52.49]这些毕业生未能获得丰厚薪水和慷慨的津贴。 [24:56.02]They are the ones who won't be going to work as lawyers,investment banders and engineers. [24:59.90]他们无缘未来的律师、银行投资管理人和工程师等行业。 [25:03.79]They have taken the right courses, [25:05.27]虽然他们修完了该修的课程, [25:06.74]gotten good grades and gone through some on-campus job interviews. [25:09.62]获得了好的分数,也通过了一些在校的工作面试。 [25:12.50]But because they weren't offered the perfect job--no,that exciting career--seemingly guaranteed to all those who make the right moves,they are sitting at home, [25:19.02]但是因为他们没能找到称心如意的工作——不,是为之兴奋的职业,那些只要他们当初作出正确的抉择就可以获得保障的职业。现在他们只好坐在家里, [25:25.54]victims of postgraduate paralysis. [25:27.57]深受毕业求职不得之苦。 [25:29.60]2 This may come as a surprise to anyone who has read about the fabulous job offers tendered to recent graduates. [25:33.87]这可能让许多人感到吃惊,因为他们常常从报纸上读到近来的毕业生找到很好的工作。 [25:38.14]However,those of us who are parents of children in this age group [25:40.98]然而,在我们这个年龄层为人父母的我们, [25:43.82]know that such offers are relatively rare and that many liberal-arts students graduate with the belief that the prospective workpla [25:48.67]知道这种机会的机率很校许多文科生在毕业的时候都带着这种想法将来的工作 [25:53.51]may not have a place for them. [25:54.86]也许没有他们的一席之地 [25:56.21]3 Consider my daughter:she graduated from college with a degree in ecconomics two years ago. [26:00.10]以我们女儿为例:她两年前从大学毕业,拿了个经济学方面的学位。 [26:03.98]4 She was offered a job by a recruiter who came to her campus--but it was with a trucking firm in South Carolina, [26:08.45]有个招聘者到她学校给她提供一份工作——但在南卡罗琳那的一个运输公司, [26:12.91]as a dispatch-management trainee. [26:14.46]作为一名速递管理的受训人员, [26:16.01]She turned it down. [26:17.16]她拒绝了。 [26:18.31]It was her parents' first clue that she had a problem. [26:20.35]这是她父母第一次有一线索了解她遇到了难题。 [26:22.38]5 It seems economists don't work for trucking firms. [26:24.56]似乎经济学者就不能为运输公司工作。 [26:26.74]nor do Midwestern children want to live in the South before they become arthritic. [26:29.67]在中西部长大的孩子们决不想到南方生活,除非他们已得了关节炎。 [26:32.60]Yet even at home in Minneapolis,our daughter couldn't seem to find anything to apply for. [26:36.31]然而,即便是在家乡明尼阿波利斯我们的女儿似乎也找不到可以申请的工作。 [26:40.02]Her father told her to make the rounds of the personnel agencies. [26:42.29]她的父亲让她多跑一跑职业介绍所。 [26:44.56]But she was so horrified by the demeaning atmosphere at one that she refused to visit any others. [26:48.55]但是她被第一家粗鄙的氛围吓坏了,以至于她拒绝再次光临任何另外一家。 [26:52.55]6 Then one day,when she was looking at the Sunday paper and complaning that there was nothing in it, [26:55.93]有一天,她正看星期天的报纸,抱怨上面什么内容都没有的时候, [26:59.32]I told her here had to be something. [27:00.99]我告诉她肯定有什么。 [27:02.66]"Look at this,"I commanded. [27:03.87]“瞧这,”我命令道。 [27:05.08]"And this! And this!" [27:06.28]“还有这!这!” [27:07.49]I circled a number of jobs in the first two columns I skimmed. [27:10.01]在我扫视的头两栏我就圈出了一些求职信息。 [27:12.53]But Maureen protested:"I don't want to be an administrative assistant." [27:15.68]但是茉莉抗议了,“我不想做行政助理。” [27:18.83]7 It was then that her father I realized that what she had been looking for in the paper was a career,not a job. [27:23.24]直到那一刻,我和她的父亲才意识到她在报纸上寻找的是一步登天的事业,而不是一份工作。 [27:27.65]And ever since,we have watched the children of friends suffer from this same delusion. [27:31.00]从那时一直到现在,我们注意到朋友们的孩子也吃到了抱这种幻想的苦头。 [27:34.34]8 No one,it seems,has told them that a career is an evolutionary process. [27:37.55]似乎没有人告诉我们,事业是一个逐渐发展的过程。 [27:40.75]9 When I graduated from college 25 years ago, [27:42.70]二十五年前大学毕业时, [27:44.64]I never expected to find a job that was in itself a career. [27:47.38]我从未奢望过找到一份本身就是一种事业的工作。 [27:50.11]In those days ,we were told we knew nothing, [27:51.68]在那个年代,我们被告知自己一无所知, [27:53.24]but that upon graduation we would have the tools to learn. [27:55.62]除了在毕业时我们掌握了学习的工具。 [27:58.00]And learn we did-on the job. [27:59.72]从工作中,我们的实践里去学习。 [28:01.45]I began by doing grunt work in the custormer-service department at National Geographic mgazine. [28:05.07]刚开始,我在《国家地理杂志》的读者服务部做普通的工作。 [28:08.69]In due time,I wound up with a career;indeed,owning and running a firm that publishes research reports for architects and real-estate developers. [28:14.48]在一定的时候,我逐步拥有了自己的事业;实实在在的拥有了并经营着一家为建筑师和房地产商出版研究报告的公司。 [28:20.28]10 Apparently,schools have changed their approach. [28:22.40]很明显,学校已经改变了过去的做法。 [28:24.53]Today's students are told they know everything in order to succeed in a career. [28:27.37]今天的学生被告知他们具备事业成功的一切知识。 [28:30.22]Career talk often begins in seventh grade or earlier, [28:32.59]有关职业的报告在七年级甚至更早的时候就开始了。 [28:34.97]and the career is offered as the reward one receives upon graduation. [28:38.03]他们被使得相信事业是毕业之时予以他们的一种奖赏。 [28:41.09]No one is satisfied with this system. [28:42.80]然而,没有人对这种体系感到满意。 [28:44.51]Businesses complain that they get new graduates who are unhappy with anything less than high-leve [28:48.18]商家们抱怨,他们新招收的毕业生不满意于被予以的不是高层次 [28:51.85]decision-making jobs as their first assignment [28:53.74]与决策有关的职务,当他们第一次工作时 [28:55.63]And parents are shocked that the child without a job can graduate traumatized by the fear of rejection. [28:59.63]父母们感到震惊的是,孩子一旦在毕业时还没有找到工作,就会因惧怕不被接受而在精神上受到创伤。 [29:03.62]11 As I see it,parents are a principal cause of the problem. [29:06.00]在我看来,父母在这个问题上应负主要责任。 [29:08.38]Who among us hasn't thought"What's wrong with that kid?" [29:10.41]我们当中又有谁没有想过“那个孩子怎么回事?” [29:12.44]when we hear that a recent college graduate is a cashier at a grocery store because "he can't find a job." [29:16.53]当我们听说某位刚毕业的大学生因为“他找不到工作”而在一家杂货店里做收银员? [29:20.62]At the same time, [29:21.55]同时, [29:22.49]how mny of us can put the screws on a son and convince him that he must abandon his idea of a career and take up the idea of finding work? [29:28.16]我们当中又有多少人能强迫儿子认识到他必须抛弃他有关事业的想法而抱着寻找工作的念头? [29:33.83]12 This is a distasteful task,especially when we have shipped our children off to expensive colleges, [29:37.41]这是一桩令人不快的差使。尤其是当我们把孩子送到收费高昂的大学, [29:40.99]Believing that simply by footing the tuition bill we are making them economically secure. [29:44.14]以为只要付清学费帐单,他们将来的经济就有了保障。 [29:47.29]The kids believe this,too,but the reality is that when they graduat [29:50.26]孩子们也是这样认为,但现实是当他们毕业的时候 [29:53.23]they are no more prepared for careers than we were. [29:55.27]对于事业他们准备得并不比我们好到哪里去。 [29:57.30]13 It is not a disgrace to go out and pound the pavement. [29:59.39]出去四处奔走寻找工作并不是一件丢脸的事情。 [30:01.48]I used just this expression the other day with my son's friend. [30:03.94]一天,我用这样的措辞对儿子的朋友说。 [30:06.41]Though he had graduated in December with a degree in philosophy,he has not yet found a job. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121227/99764.html