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新编大学英语2听力 Unit 10

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 10 [00:02.74]Risks [00:04.97]Part Two [00:07.24]Listening-Centered Activities [00:10.66]Listening I [00:13.90]Exercise 1 [00:17.53]Directions: [00:20.27]Listen to the passage and answer the following Yes/Not questions. [00:27.40]The possibility that something bad will happen is a rise [00:32.33]Risk also can be defined as the degree of danger that goes along with an opportunite [00:40.57]All risks have possible negative resulte [00:45.36]However, some risks are worth taking [00:50.94]For example, suppose that you have the chance to join a school team [00:57.67]You risk a possible injury while playing [01:02.42]to achieve the sense of accomplishment that comes with being on the team [01:09.01]You may decide that the pleasure of playing is worth the risk of injure [01:15.31]By being in good health, you can also reduce the risk of physical injury. [01:22.15]How can we determine the risks involved in an action [01:27.95]Many risks that relate to health choices have been studied [01:33.85]Scientists use statistics to measure these risk [01:39.22]Statistics is a branch of mathematics [01:43.93]that helps determine the possibility that something will occue [01:49.91]The information about the possibility is called statistical risk [01:56.93]and can help you make healthy choices. [02:02.15]For example, statistics indicate that in the United States [02:09.49]the chance of dying from cancer is about 20 percent. [02:15.76]In other words, two out of every ten deaths are due to some kind of cancer [02:24.11]Therefore, the risk of death from cancer is quite high [02:30.77]However, statistics also show [02:36.89]that 80 percent of all cancers are related to things over whichyou have some control [02:45.24]In other words, you can make choices that will reduce your risk of developing cancel [02:53.63]These include such things as avoiding pollution [02:59.24]not smoking, and eating a diet high in fiber [03:05.62]If you do these things, you are less likely to develop cancer. [03:12.64]1 Is the passage mainly about risks from nature [03:20.70]2 Do all risks have possible negative results [03:28.58]3 Are all risks worth taking [03:34.92]4 Is it possible to measure some risks [03:41.83]5 Are most cancers related to one's unhealthy choices [03:50.62]Exercise 2 [03:54.58]Directions: [03:58.18]Listen to the passage again and answer the following questions [04:04.19]by completing the sentences given. [04:09.34]1)What is a risk? [04:13.69]2)How can health risks be measured? [04:19.96]3)What is statistical risk? [04:25.82]4)What are the healthy choices mentioned in the passage? [04:32.30]Listening II [04:36.08]Exercise 1 [04:39.36]Directions: [04:43.36]Listen to the conversation between a husband and a wife [04:48.54]Decide whether the following words or phrases are mentioned in the conversation [04:55.96]as factors which might influence one's life span [05:02.69]Put a tick beside the word or phrase if it is mentioned [05:08.48]Then decide which two are the highest risk factors. [05:15.97]H: Oh! It's unbelievable! [05:20.80]W: What's the matter? [05:24.36]H: This article says that life spans vary according to race [05:31.38]income level and whether you are male or female [05:37.18]Er now, can you guess which is the most important factor? [05:43.84]W: Mm, I think it might be your sex. [05:49.49]H: That's right [05:52.66]You see, my grandma lived four years longer than my grandpa [05:59.50]Generally speaking, women live longer than me [06:05.33]In 1993, the average life span of women was 6.9 years longer [06:14.36]than that of men in the United States. [06:19.40]W: 6.9 years? I can't believe it Then how about race? [06:27.54]H: Race... The paper says white women live 5.1 years longer than black women. [06:39.71]W: So this means I am doubly luckly since I am a white woman. [06:45.76]H; Yes. But actually the largest risk you could run--after being born male-- [06:53.89]is being poor [06:57.67]Being poor is far more likely to kill you than smoking [07:03.32]drinking, a hereditary disease, or an unhealthy lifestyle. [07:09.80]W: That's true [07:13.19]If you are poor, you may not have good living conditions, [07:18.80]good medical care and good nutrition [07:24.06]But still I have a question [07:28.31]Why can women live longer than men? [07:33.10]H: I think you'd better ask the experts. [07:38.14]Exercise 2 [07:41.77]Directions: [07:45.16]Listen to the conversation again 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121226/99632.html