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新编大学英语1听力 Unit 8

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 8 [00:02.74]Social Problems [00:06.23]Part Two [00:09.14]Listening-Centered Activities [00:13.54]Listening 1 [00:16.78]Exercise [00:20.09]Directions: [00:23.44]Listen to the passage twice and answer the following questions. [00:29.81]The Least Successful Bank Robber [00:34.13]Not wishing to attract attention to himself [00:39.02]a bank robber in 1969 in Portland, Oregon [00:45.97]wrote all his instructions on a piece of paper rather than shout. [00:53.46]"This is a hold-up and I've got a gun," [00:58.82]he wrote and then held the paper up for the cashier to read. [01:05.74]The puzzled band official waited while he wrote out [01:11.68]"Put all the money in a paper bag." [01:17.29]This message was pushed through the grill [01:22.40]The cashier read it and then wrote on the bottom [01:27.91]"I don't have a paper bag," and passed it back. [01:34.79]The robber fled. [01:39.47]1) Why did the robber write the instructions on a piece of paper rather than shout? [01:47.64]2) What did he write on the paper? [01:53.51]3) Where did he want the cashier to put the money? [01:59.66]4) Why do you think the robber wanted to put the money in the kind of bag he wanted? [02:07.84]5) What was the cashier's reply? [02:13.85]6) What did the robber do then? [02:19.39]Listening 2 [02:22.88]Exercise [02:26.23]Directions: [02:29.62]Listen to the passage twice and answer the following questions. [02:35.84]The Least Alert Burglar [02:40.31]A Parisian criminal broke into a house at the village of Lachelle in 1964 [02:49.09]Once inside he began to feel decidedly hungry [02:55.18]and so went in search of the refrigerato [03:00.61]There he found his favorite cheese which it would have been a shame not to try. [03:08.75]He then found some Bath Oliver biscuits and three bottles of champagne. [03:15.98]After a while he began to feel sleepy [03:21.92]and decided that he would lie down and digest his meal in comfort [03:29.05]He was arrested the next morning fast asleep upstairs in the spare bedroom. [03:36.47]1) Where did the burglar break into? [03:42.41]2) How did he feel as soon as he went in? [03:49.54]3) What was the first thing he found? [03:55.48]4) What did he eat and drink? [04:00.98]5) What was he doing when he was arrested? [04:06.92]Listening 3 [04:10.34]Exercise [04:13.26]Directions: [04:16.75]Listen to the passage twice and answer the following questions. [04:23.45]The Worst Bank Robbers [04:27.84]In August 1975 [04:32.56]three men were on their way to rob the Royal Bank of Scotland at Rothesay, [04:40.33]when they got stuck in the revolving doors [04:46.31]They had to be helped free by the staff and [04:52.03]after thanking everyone, sheepishly left the building [04:58.51]A few minutes later they returned and announced their intention of robbing the bank [05:06.58]but none of the staff believed them [05:11.11]When, at first, they demanded 5,000 [05:16.94]the head cashier laughed at them, convinced that it was a practical joke. [05:24.00]Considerably disheartened by this [05:28.79]the gang leader reduced his demandfirst to 500 then to 50 and ultimately to50 pens [05:42.29]By this stage the cashier could barely control herself for laughter. [05:49.42]Then one of the men jumped over the counter and fell awkwardly on the floor [05:57.59]clutching at his ankle [06:01.30]The other two made their getaway [06:06.01]but got trapped in the revolving doors for a second time [06:13.14]desperately pushing the wrong way. [06:18.07]1) How many robbers were involved in the robbery? [06:24.91]2) What happened to them when they tried to get into the bank? [06:31.57]3) Who helped them solve the problem? [06:37.76]4) Why did they come back in a few minutes? [06:43.63]5) How much did they demand at first? [06:49.64]6) What did the staff think of the robbery? [06:56.02]7) How much did they demand in the end? [07:01.78]8) Why did one of the men fall on the floor? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121226/99626.html