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新编大学英语阅读4 Unit 8

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!It's Radio! [00:00.83]还是广播好! [00:01.66]The medium that can turn anywhere into somewhere [00:03.60]无论在哪儿都不会让你寂寞的媒体 [00:05.54]1 The truth is that radio has not been eclipsed by television and cable and the Internet. [00:08.69]事实上,广播并未因为电视、有线网和因特网而黯然失色。 [00:11.84]In fact,radio is as popular as it has ever been. [00:13.99]实际上,广播还是一如既往地受到人们的喜爱。 [00:16.13]According to the consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association,675 million radio receivers are currently in use in the United States; [00:21.56]根据民用电子设备生产者协会的调查,目前美国仍有6.75亿台无线电收音机 [00:27.00]on average,Americans over the age of eleven spend three hours and eighteen minutes of every weekday listening to at least one of them. [00:32.00]11岁以上的美国人,平均每个日作日收听3小时18分钟的广播节目。 [00:37.01]2 I don't mention this to make the case that radio is"better"than other electroic media (I use and enjoy all of them), [00:40.93]我提这些并不是要证明广播比其他电子媒介好。(所有的媒介我都用,而且都很喜欢), [00:44.86]but I will say that it is different,very different. [00:46.93]但我得说,广播与其它媒介不一样,而且很不一样。 [00:49.00]Radio is special to people. [00:50.40]广播跟人们有着特殊的关系。 [00:51.80]And in an era when we have so many other media available to us, [00:54.07]在一个我们可以享受很多其他媒介的时代里, [00:56.34]radio still inspires a kind of loyalty that premium channels and Web sites cannot claim. [00:59.94]广播仍然能使人们对它忠心不二,这是电视的各种黄金频道和因特网的众多网址所做不到的。 [01:03.54]3 This loyalty is largely due to radio's very limitations. [01:05.95]这种忠诚在很大程度上源于广播的局限性。 [01:08.36]Radio can't dazzle us with visual spectacles,it has to capture and hold our attention aurally. [01:12.09]广播不可能用壮观的画面使我们倾倒,它只能通过听觉效果吸引我们。 [01:15.82]That is,it has to speak to us,through either words or music. [01:18.66]也就是说,它必须通过语言或音乐向我们诉说。 [01:21.50]Combine this with the fact that radio is a curiously intimate medium: [01:23.95]同时,广播又是一种令人感到非常亲切的媒体。 [01:26.40]people tend to feel that they are connecting with their radios one-on-one. [01:29.19]人们往往觉得广播在与自己进行着一对一的交流。 [01:31.98]This is generally not the case with television, [01:33.65]电视就不一样了, [01:35.33]where the individual viewer invariably senses that he or she is nothing more than an anonymous, [01:38.41]电视观众作为个人总觉得他或她只不过是数不胜数的,而又迥然各异的观众中的一个无名小卒。 [01:41.48]statistically insignificant part of a huge and diverse audience. [01:44.33]可有可无、微不足道的。 [01:47.17]But because radio is a "smaller"medium, [01:48.85]但由于收音机比其他接收设备都“小”。 [01:50.52]the individual listener can somehow believe that the signal is traveling directly and uninterruptedly from the studio microphone to his set alone, [01:55.92]这使每个听众都觉得电波是在直接地,不受干扰地从电台麦克风专门为他的收音机而发送, [02:01.32]that the announcer is speaking and playing records just for him. [02:03.66]而且播音员或者主持人也是在和他一个人说话,或是在为他一个人播放唱片。 [02:06.00]Few people exploited this quality as well as did Franklin Delano Roosevelt. [02:08.68]广播的这种特点,很少有人能像富兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福那样予以充分发挥。 [02:11.36]His radio"Fireside Chats"endeared him to countless listeners, [02:14.12]他的“炉边谈话”使他赢得了无数听众的喜爱。 [02:16.87]who reported feeling during his broadcasts as if the President were sitting in their living room and talking with them like a next-door neighbor. [02:21.19]听众们说,收听这个节目时,听众们感到总统先生就坐在客厅里,像是隔壁邻居一样在与他们聊天。 [02:25.51]Roosevelt was given credit for his ability to use the new medium so effectively, [02:28.12]罗斯福因当时能有效地利用了这一新媒介而获得了赞誉。 [02:30.73]but a case can be made that it was actually the nature of the new mediu [02:33.07]我们可以摆事实讲道理的说明新闻媒介的本性 [02:35.41]its peculiar power and personality that made Roosevelt so effective on it. [02:38.69]罗斯福的广播之所以如此成功,实际上靠的正是这种新媒介独特的魅力及特点。 [02:41.96]4 Intimacy is itself both cause and effect of another singular truth about radio:most peopl [02:46.05]因为广播能给人亲切感,而独自收听收音机又倍感广播的亲切,大多数 [02:50.14]most of the time,listen to their radios in solitud [02:52.40]多半是独自一个人收听广播 [02:54.67]Radio,then,is usually more than just a medium;it is company. [02:57.46]广播不仅是一种媒介。还是人们的伙伴。 [03:00.25]Whether it is the company of first choice or of last resort makes no difference. [03:03.10]它究竟是人们首选的伙伴还是在另无选择时才求助于它,并不重要。 [03:05.94]It is a reliable and tireless buffer between solitude and loneliness, [03:08.59]它值得信赖,不辞劳苦的能使独处的人不再孤单, [03:11.23]and for this it is often regarded,consciously of otherwise,as an old and valued friend. [03:14.83]因此人们常常有意无意地把它当作珍贵的老朋友。 [03:18.43]5 I had no real use for radio until after I graduated from college. [03:20.95]我是大学毕业后才真正开始收听广播的。 [03:23.47]I was born in New York City in the late 1960s, [03:25.51]60年代后期,我出生在纽约, [03:27.54]and grew up in its dense suburbs toward the end of the transition from black-and-white to color television. [03:31.12]此后一直生活在人口众多的纽约市郊,直到黑白电视变成彩色电视。 [03:34.70]In junior high school twenty-channel cable TV came along; [03:36.94]上初中时,出现了可接收20个频道的有线电视。 [03:39.17]in high school we got microcomputers", [03:40.84]高中时,我们有了“微型计算机”, [03:42.52]which boasted two whole kilobytes of random-access memory for information storage. [03:45.70]里面装有整整两千个字节的随机存取存储器,用于存储信息。 [03:48.89]In retrospect,of course,these innovations look hopelessly crude, [03:51.53]当然,回想起来,这些玩意儿十分粗糙。 [03:54.18]but at the time they were more than enough to render radio seemingly irrelevant to my life. [03:57.02]但在当时,它们足以吸引我,使广播与我的生活毫不相干。 [03:59.87]6 Then I found myself working as a reporter at a daily newspaper in the Mississippi Delta. [04:02.91]后来,我成了密西西比三角洲的一家报社记者, [04:05.95]The Delta is a place that can blind you,if not drive you mad,with its sameness and isolation. [04:09.80]这三角洲是个景色单调、与世隔绝的地方。即使不把你逼疯,也足以使你耳目闭塞。 [04:13.66]It is endlessly flat and completely rural. [04:15.58]它是一片无边无际的平原,完完全全的乡下。 [04:17.51]My job often required me to drive great distances,usually on long, [04:19.92]我当时的工作需要我长途跋涉,长时间, [04:22.33]staraight two-lane roads with vast plantation fields on both sides. [04:25.01]地驱车在笔直的只有两条车道的路上,两边尽是巨大的农常 [04:27.70]It was not at all unusual for me to travel many miles without seeing another car,a hous [04:31.01]对我来说简直是家常便饭-驾车数英里看不到车辆,房屋 [04:34.32]or even a road sig [04:35.44]甚至路标 [04:36.55]In such an atmosphere it is not difficult to imagine that one is the last person on the planet. [04:39.74]在这种氛围中,不难把自己想像成这个星球上仅存的一个人。 [04:42.92]Not difficult,and not pleasant,either. [04:44.72]很容易这样想,想起来也真令人不快。 [04:46.52]7 On one such journey I turned off the tape deck in my car and started listening to the radio. [04:49.78]在这样的一次旅途中,我关掉了汽车的录音机,开始收听广播。 [04:53.04]I can't say exactly what day that happened,or why,but I can say,with confidence, [04:56.39]我不能准确地说出这是哪天发生的事,或者为什么会这样,但我可以肯定地说, [04:59.74]that the first day I listened to the radio while driving through the Delta was also the last day I used the tape deck. [05:03.80]在三角洲上我第一次边开车边听广播的那一天,也便是我最后一次用录音机的日子。 [05:07.87]The radio was the perfect cure for the paralyzing remoteness of the Delta. [05:10.59]广播治好了三角洲令人绝望的荒凉玻 [05:13.31]I didn't matter anymore that I couldn't detect any evidence of humankind on a lonely stretch of Highway 49; [05:16.96]在孤零零的、绵延不绝的49号公路上,寥无人迹对我来说已无所谓了。 [05:20.62]I could always turn on the radio and hear a human voice . [05:22.54]我尽可以打开收音机,听人们的声音。 [05:24.47]I began to realize that radio could do more even than preserve my sanity and defeat my homesickness; [05:27.87]我意识到,广播不仅使我保持清醒,消除我的思乡之苦, [05:31.27]it could provide me with a wealth of information on,and a hearty appreciation fo [05:34.31]还为我提供了大量有关基地的信息,我衷心地热爱上它了 [05:37.36]a place as different from my home town as any in the country. [05:39.59]这个地方不同与我的家乡,就象这个国家的任何地方一样 [05:41.82]8 It was also in Mississippi that I discovered what might be my favorite thing about radio-its durability. [05:45.80]同样是在密西西比,我发现了广播最吸引我的地方——它的耐久性。 [05:49.78]Somethimes on clear nights I would get in my car and drive out of town, [05:52.33]在晴朗的夜晚,有时我会驾车出城, [05:54.89]out along the narrow highways of the Delta, [05:56.31]沿着密西西北河狭窄的公路行驶。 [05:57.73]Where we-my car and I-would be surrounded by a darkness so intense that it seemed tangible. [06:01.58]此时,我们——我和我的车——就被包围在浓浓的似乎触手可及的黑暗中。 [06:05.44]often I drove without any particular destination in mind. [06:07.49]我经常开车出去并不是为了要去哪儿。 [06:09.54]My real objective on these trips was simply to drive my car along the small roads while sliding back and forth along the AM dial to see what distan [06:15.17]真正的目的只是想在小路上一边奔驰,一边来回不断调台,看到底什么地方的 [06:20.81]exotic stations I could pull i [06:22.28]情调各异的电台我能收到 [06:23.76]I don't believe in magic, [06:24.80]我不相信奇迹, [06:25.85]but I do know that sitting in my car in the middle of Mississippi and listening to a signal that traveled more than a thousand miles, [06:30.04]但我深信,在密西西比中部,坐在车子里,聆听穿越了一千多英里, [06:34.24]over nearly a dozen states, [06:35.41]跨过几乎12个州。 [06:36.58]and came down into my car through an antenna and two speakers, [06:38.90]通过天线和两个喇叭深入我耳内的电波, [06:41.22]was as near to a magical experience as ever I'm likely to have. [06:43.63]这几乎就是我所能拥有的最奇迹般的经历。 [06:46.04]9 A year later,when I was a graduate student in Alabama, [06:48.22]一年后,我在亚拉巴马读研究生时, [06:50.40]I decided to seek employment at the school's FM radio station to make some extra money. [06:53.66]决定到学校的调督广播台找份工作挣些钱。 [06:56.92]I ended up hosting my own show,playing jazz from ten at night until two in the morning several nights a week. [07:00.77]结果,我主持起自己的节目,在每周几个晚上,每晚10点到次日凌晨2点,播放一些爵士乐。 [07:04.62]We had a toll-free number,so people weren't shy about calling,and many did, [07:07.34]我们有一个免费电话,以便听众播打。打电话的人很多, [07:10.06]from dozens of small towns I'd never heard of and couldn't even find on the station's gigantic wall map. [07:13.46]许多来自我从未听说过的,甚至从电台墙上的那副巨幅地图中也无法找到的小镇上打来的。 [07:16.86]They called for any number of reasons to request a song or an artist and to tease me for mispronouncing the name of their county. [07:20.93]他们打电话来是出自各种原因,要点播一曲歌,或是哪位歌星的歌,或仅仅是关系到我把他们县的名字念错了。 [07:25.00]Most times,I think,they called for no reason at all except to make contact with someone who had made contact with them to express, [07:29.87]我觉得,很多时候,他们打电话来没有其他目的,只是想跟某个已建立了联系的人说说话, [07:34.75]without saying it openly,their appreciation. [07:36.62]含蓄地表达一下感激之情。 [07:38.50]I worked at the station alone,and I was as thankful for the contact as they. [07:41.39]在电台工作时,就我一个人,而且也同他们一样对这种联系深怀感激。 [07:44.29]It is a powerful feeling to send your voice out into the night over thousands of square miles, [07:47.33]把自己的声音在夜色中传送出去,覆盖数千平方英里的土地,感到自己影响很大。 [07:50.38]and it is powerfully satisfying to know that your voice is being hear [07:52.93]你会感到自己的影响很大当你知道有人聆听你的声音时 [07:55.49]by real people sitting in real living rooms in real houses. [07:58.04]听众是真实的人们坐在真实房子的真实的客厅里 [08:00.60]10 Like the telephone,radio enables human voices to be heard on a one-to-one basis over vast distances, [08:04.97]广播使人们的声音越过万水千山,一对一地播放给观众听, [08:09.35]and in the final analysis, [08:10.57]而且归根到底, [08:11.80]it is the intimacy and the friendliness of radio that I appreciate the most. [08:14.75]我最欣赏的还是广播给人的亲密友好的感觉。 [08:17.70]New Words [08:18.55]单词 [08:19.39]AM [08:20.29]调幅广播系统 [08:21.19]announcer n [08:22.09]电(视)台的节目报告员(或时事评论员,球类比赛的讲解员) [08:22.99]antenna n [08:23.89](无线电或电视的)天线 [08:24.79]aurally adv [08:25.78]听觉地,听觉上地 [08:26.77]buffer n [08:27.89]起保护作用的人或物 [08:29.00]cable n [08:30.03]1)有线电视 2)缆绳,钢索 [08:31.06]dazzle v [08:31.96]使赞叹不已,使倾倒 [08:32.86]deck n [08:33.85]1)音响设备中放光盘或磁带的装置 2)甲板 [08:34.84]delta n [08:35.74]三角洲 [08:36.64]durability n [08:37.75]经久性,耐用性 [08:38.87]eclipse v & n [08:39.95]1)使黯然失色,使相形见绌 2)日食,月食 [08:41.03]endear v [08:42.02]使受喜爱 [08:43.01]exotic adj [08:43.76]奇异的,外(国)来的 [08:44.52]fireside n [08:45.82]壁炉边 [08:47.11]FM [08:48.19]调频 [08:49.27]gigantic adj [08:50.44]巨大的,庞大的 [08:51.61]hearty adj [08:52.60]真诚的,亲切的,热诚的 [08:53.59]homesickness n [08:54.83]想家,思乡病 [08:56.08]hopelessly adv [08:57.07]令人绝望地,没有希望地 [08:58.06]kilobyte n [08:59.35]千字节 [09:00.65]microcomputer n [09:01.94]微(型计算)机 [09:03.24]powerful adj [09:04.36]1)强大的,有力的,有权的 2)强壮的,强健的 [09:05.47]powerfully adv [09:06.55]非常地,强有力地 [09:07.63]premium adj [09:08.39]特佳的,优质的 [09:09.14]receiver n [09:10.22]1)电视或收音机的接收器 2)电话听筒 [09:11.30]remoteness n [09:12.51]偏僻 [09:13.72]sameness n [09:14.83]单调,千篇一律 [09:15.95]sanity n [09:16.97]心智健全 [09:18.00]spectacle n [09:19.08]场面,奇观 [09:20.16]uninterruptedly adv [09:21.19]不间断地,持续地 [09:22.21]What Makes TV Most Entertaining? [09:23.81]电视为什么最具娱乐性? [09:25.42]1 In America,over 98 percent of all households have a radio, [09:28.06]在美国,超过98%的家庭有收音机, [09:30.71]and most automobiles are equipped with one. [09:32.54]大多数的汽车里也安装了收音机。 [09:34.38]The average American listens to the radio eighteen hours a week. [09:36.49]一个普通美国人每星期收听收音机的时间为18个小时。 [09:38.59]2 About 77 percent of the population read newspapers. [09:40.73]77%的美国人看报纸, [09:42.88]The average American spends about 3.5 hours a week reading newspapers. [09:45.52]一个普通的美国人每周看报3.5小时。 [09:48.17]3 Over 98 percent of all households own a television set; [09:50.49]98%的美国家庭拥有一台电视机。 [09:52.81]more than 50 percent own two sets. [09:54.52]50%的家庭拥有的电视机不止一台。 [09:56.23]The average family uses its set more than 40 hours a week. [09:58.82]一个普通的美国家庭每星期看40个小时的电视。 [10:01.42]Television is the most popular medium in the United States today. [10:04.10]电视是当今美国最受欢迎的媒体方式。 [10:06.78]4 American television is dominated by three private corporations--the American Broadcasting Company(ABC), [10:10.49]美国电视业被三大私人公司所垄断。这三大公司分别是美国广播公司, [10:14.20]CBS Incorporated,and the National Broadcasting Company(NBC),which is a division of the RCA Corporation. [10:18.86]哥伦比亚广播公司和附属于美国无线电公司的国家广播公司。 [10:23.52]Most of the 700 local television stations are forced to affiliate with one or another of these networks because of the high cost of producing news and entertainment programs. [10:29.60]在美国有700多家地方电视台。由于制作新闻节目与娱乐节目的费用高昂,所以大多数地方电视台不得不依附于三大公司中的一个。 [10:35.69]Local stations restrict themselves to local news coverage and then broadcast the network "feeds"of the "Evening News", [10:40.10]地方电视台把自己报道的范围仅限于地方新闻,然后再播出大新闻网“提供”的“晚间新闻”, [10:44.51]rebroadcasting it in shorter form as part of their late news programs. [10:47.33]又经剪辑后在更晚的新闻节目中重播。 [10:50.16]In addition,each network owns five stations itself, [10:52.57]每个电视网都有自己的电视台,其中拥有电视台最多的要属拥有5家电视台的联邦通信协会了。 [10:54.98]the maximum number under the rules of the Federal Communications Commission(FCC). [11:00.42]These networkowned stations are found in the largest "market"cities, [11:03.19]这些新闻网所有的电视台一般建在“市场”最大的城市, [11:05.96]and they cover 38 percent of all"TV households"in the nation. [11:08.61]并覆盖了全国38%的“电视家庭。” [11:11.26]5 Prime time(8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.)is the most important time in television, [11:14.82]对电视业来说,黄金时间(晚8:00至11:00)是最重要的时间, [11:18.38]and it is dominated by the three networks. [11:19.99]这段时间被三大电视网所垄断。 [11:21.59]Potentially,all 80 million homes in America with TV sets could tune i [11:24.81]这时美国有电视的家庭,约80,000,000户将可以同时收看节目 [11:28.03]and these homes house over 200 million peopl [11:30.14]这些户看节目的人数超过200,000,000 [11:32.24]The networks broadcast mostly action and adventure series(30 percent [11:35.14]电视网播放的情节、惊险系列剧(30%) [11:38.04]situation comedies(25 percent)and movies(16 percent) on prime tim [11:41.89]情景喜剧(25%)和电影(16%)主要在黄金时间 [11:45.74]Specials and miniseries are also becoming more popular. [11:48.07]特别节目和微型系列剧正在越来越受到青睐。 [11:50.39]The only regular"live"programs on prime time are sports events, [11:53.03]黄金时间段唯一有规律播出的现场直播节目就是体育比赛。 [11:55.68]such as ABC's NFL Monday Night Football. [11:57.61]如美国广播公司星期一晚播出的全美橄榄球联赛。 [11:59.53]Most other programs are filmed or videotaped. [12:01.71]而大多数其他节目都是先录下来之后再播放的。 [12:03.89]6 Local stations do the actual broadcasting. [12:05.63]节目是由地方台播出的。 [12:07.38]Almost all stations are affiliated with one of the networks. [12:09.52]几乎所有的电视台都依附于电视网中的一个。 [12:11.66]The stations are paid by the networks to carry network prime-time shows. [12:14.44]电视网络公司出钱给电视台,让它们播出电视网黄金时段的节目。 [12:17.21]Networks do not make payments to stations to carry news,sports,or late-night programs. [12:20.39]而至于新闻、体育或深夜的节目,电视网公司则分文不出。 [12:23.58]However,the networks allow a certain number of advertising slots in those programs to be filled by local stations. [12:27.77]不过,电视网公司允许地方电视台在这些节目中穿插一定数量的广告。 [12:31.97]7 It is important to all three networks that their evening news programs attract as large an audience as possible. [12:36.31]对于三大电视网来说,用晚间新闻来吸引最大量的观众群是很重要的。 [12:40.64]It is important not only because a large audience means that they can sell higher-priced commercial time on the news itself [12:44.53]这不仅仅是因为观众群越大,他们在新闻时间里就可以把广告费开得更高。 [12:48.42]but also because they know that many American families [12:50.26]也是因为它们知道许多美国家庭, [12:52.09]leave their TV dials untouched after the news. [12:54.27]看完新闻后就会关机。 [12:56.45]A popular news show will promote audiences for later entertainment shows. [12:59.40]因此,成功的新闻节目可以激发观众观看新闻后的娱乐节目的兴趣。 [13:02.35]8 The news must entertain. [13:03.65]新闻节目必须具有娱乐性, [13:04.94]It must be "hyped"to capture and hold audience attention with drama,action,conflict,violence,or disaster. [13:09.50]必须包含紧张的刺激、动作、冲突、暴力、灾难等元素,以牢牢地抓住观众的注意力。 [13:14.05]9 Like any good entertainment show, [13:15.13]与其他所有优秀的娱乐节目一样, [13:16.21]a news show must have recognizable characters doing something interesting, [13:18.71]在新闻节目中观众要看到熟悉的人在干有趣的事儿, [13:21.22]who are involved in struggles and conflicts over important issues. [13:23.39]有谁卷入了战斗,以及在重要的事情上引起的冲突等。 [13:25.57]There must be a dramatic story line,but one that can be introduced,develope [13:28.25]新闻必有一个戏剧性的故事主线,要完成导入、发展 [13:30.94]and concluded in less than two minute [13:32.36]结论的全过程在2分钟之内 [13:33.78]The news must be made to appear timely,and it must be shown to affect us directly. [13:37.09]新闻还必须显得及时,能直截了当影响我们。 [13:40.40]10 The need to make the news entertaining results in some interesting criteria for the selection of "news". [13:44.38]为了使新闻节目更具娱乐性,在选择新闻时要遵循以下几条有趣的原则: [13:48.36]Violence is more "newsworthy"than nonviolence. [13:50.68]暴力比“无暴力”更有新闻价值。 [13:53.00]War,crime,conflict,and disasters excite audiences. [13:55.72]战争、犯罪、冲突、灾难能使观众兴奋。 [13:58.44]Violent behavior is remembered better than nonviolent behavior. [14:01.00]人们更容易记住暴力。 [14:03.55]The murder and suicide of 900 Americans in Guyana in 1978 was the most remembered story of that year, [14:07.75]1978年在圭亚那900多美洲人的自杀事件是当年被记得最牢的新闻。 [14:11.94]with 98 percent of the Gallup Poll respondents saying that they knew about the event [14:14.59]当年的民意测验显示,98%的人知道此事。 [14:17.23]A figure matched only by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan in 1945. [14:22.02]这一数据与知道1941年日本袭击珍珠港和1945年美国在日本投下原子弹的人数旗鼓相当。 [14:26.81]·The "news"should have a direct impact on the lives of viewers. [14:29.45]新闻应该与观众的生活有直接的联系。 [14:32.10]Millions of starving people in central Africa will not get as much coverage as a hotel fire in Las Vegas. [14:35.99]中非百万饥民不如拉斯维加斯的一次宾馆大火的收视率高。 [14:39.88]Dramatic film of starving African children may help get the story on the air; [14:43.19]饥饿的非洲儿童也许能提高一点收视率, [14:46.50]but film of fire victims leaping to their deaths from high buildings is better. [14:49.72]但终究不如火灾受害者坠楼而死的片子有吸引力, [14:52.94]After all,nearly everyone in the United States has stayed in a hotel at one time or another, [14:56.35]毕竟,几乎每个美国人都住过宾馆, [14:59.75]but very few have gone to Africa. [15:01.55]而去过非洲的人则为数不多。 [15:03.35]Stories about celebrities are more"newsworthy"than stories about people unfamiliar to the audience. [15:06.88]“名人”的故事比无名小卒的故事更具新闻价值。 [15:10.40]Scandal,sex,accidents,personal grief,and even the daily habits of prominent and famous people make"news". [15:15.59]名人的丑闻、性、故事、个人不幸,甚至是日常生活习惯都是“新闻”。 [15:20.77]personalities are substituted for explanation. [15:22.95]新闻人物代替了新闻分析。 [15:25.13]For instance,a conflict between two countries may be symbolized as a conflict between their presidents. [15:29.07]例如,两国之间的冲突可以用两国元首之间的冲突来作象征。 [15:33.01]·"News"should be timely and novel. [15:34.88]新闻要及时、新奇。 [15:36.76]This only means that the "news"should not have been reported in the previous 24 hours. [15:40.10]也就是说,“新闻”不应该在前24小时内被播出过。 [15:43.45]Most of the evening news on all three networks is composed of "pre-planned"stories--stories about events or situations that are not spontaneou [15:49.34]三大新闻网的大多数晚间新闻都是事先准备好了的,并非时事 [15:55.22]However insofar as possible these pre-planned stories must be made to appear novel and timely. [15:59.29]但只要将这些事先准备好了的故事包装得新奇,使其县得及时就行了 [16:03.36]·"News"must be an event,rather than a trend or an idea. [16:06.44]“新闻”必须是事情,而非趋势或想法。 [16:09.52]It must be an event that can be filmed and seen and heard. [16:12.41]“新闻”必须是可以被拍摄下来的,能被视觉、听觉感知的事情。 [16:15.31]Even if inflation is the single most important problem confronting American [16:17.96]就算通货膨胀是当前美国面临的头等大事 [16:20.60]according to a national survey,this topic will be pushed aside in favor of coverage of presidential visit [16:24.35]这是根据国家调查显示的,与下列相比它只能靠边站:总统访问 [16:28.09]ceremonial bill signings,strikes,protests,accidents,or fires for which action film is availabl [16:33.37]签字仪式,罢工,抗议,事故或或火灾等动作片 [16:38.64]When inflation is covered at all, [16:39.94]就算是在报道通货膨胀时, [16:41.23]it will be through a brief announcement of newly releasedinflation figures or some interviews [16:44.22]也是通过简单通报最新发布的通货膨胀指数或采访, [16:47.21]with shoppers complaining of high prices. [16:48.68]抱怨物价过高的顾客来实现。 [16:50.16]The news chiefs are not trying to hide inflation; [16:51.96]新闻主编并非企图掩盖事实, [16:53.76]the problem is that inflation is not an event that produces good film. [16:56.95]只是通货膨胀不是能拍出好片子的“事情”。 [17:00.13]·Every "news"story should have a dramatic quality--an obvious conflict between identifiable opponents. [17:04.69]每则“新闻”都应该具有戏剧性——即应该有明显的对抗双方的明显冲突。 [17:09.24]The "news"cannot report ideas in the abstract. [17:11.35]“新闻”不能用抽象的手法来表现想法。 [17:13.45]Stories work better on television when there are clear antagonist [17:16.04]在电视上,效果会比较好-如果故事中有明显的对立方 [17:18.64]especially when they are physically differen [17:20.11]特别是生理特征不同的对立方 [17:21.59]It is best when confrontation occurs between men and wome [17:23.55]此时效果会更佳:如果冲突双方是男与女 [17:25.51]blacks and whites,young and old,rich and poo [17:27.92]黑人与白人,年轻人与年老者,富人与穷人 [17:30.34]Ideal antagonists will shout,cry,shake fists, [17:32.84]对抗者最好大喊大叫、挥舞拳头, [17:35.34]or otherwise show intense emotions. [17:36.91]或表现出紧张情绪, [17:38.47]There should be"good guys"and "bad guys",and either side can be shown as winning. [17:41.60]对抗者中应有“好人”与“坏人”之分,随便哪一方赢都无所谓。 [17:44.74]·Finally,a "news"story must be short. [17:46.54]最后,“新闻”一定要简洁。 [17:48.34]The entire drama must be introduced,played out,and summarized in less than two minutes. [17:51.90]在二分钟之内,整个故事应该完成导入、播放和总结的全过程。 [17:55.46]Anything longer is a "documentary". [17:57.21]超过二分钟就成了记录片。 [17:58.96]New Words [17:59.95]单词 [18:00.94]affiliate v [18:01.87]使隶属(或附属)于 [18:02.81]antagonist n [18:03.74]对抗者,对手,敌人 [18:04.68]celebrity n [18:05.80]名人,名流 [18:06.91]ceremonial adj [18:07.99]正式的,仪式的 [18:09.07]comedy n [18:10.15]喜剧,喜剧性事件 [18:11.23]documentary n [18:12.35]记录片 [18:13.46]hype v [18:14.63]大肆宣传 [18:15.80]indentifiable adj [18:17.10]可辩认的 [18:18.40]inflation n [18:19.42]通货膨胀 [18:20.45]mostly adv [18:21.53]主要地,多半,通常 [18:22.61]newsworthy adj [18:23.72]有新闻价值的 [18:24.84]nonviolence n [18:25.92]非暴力事件,非暴力 [18:27.00]signing n [18:28.08]签署,签字 [18:29.16]starving adj [18:30.40]饥饿的 [18:31.64]symbolize v [18:32.94]象征,代表 [18:34.24]timely adj [18:35.26]适时的,及时的 [18:36.29]untouched adj [18:37.40]未碰过的,原封不动的 [18:38.52]Sounding the Waters [18:39.65]追求大河两岸的歌声 [18:40.79]1 In the past the different types of media around the world and within the United States have usually acted independently of one another. [18:46.30]过去,不管是在全球还是在美国本土,不同的媒体往往相互独立, [18:51.80]In fact,they have often been seen as competitors. [18:54.18]人们还往往把它们看作竞争对手。 [18:56.56]During the 1960s and 1970s when television first became popular, [19:00.19]20世纪六、七十年代当电视开始流行时, [19:03.83]some people predicted the "death"of radi [19:05.50]有人曾预言了有些东西将“死亡”--收音机 [19:07.18]books,and newspapers,saying that television would provide the entertainmen [19:10.31]书籍,报纸,因为电视能提供娱乐 [19:13.44]knowledge and news once provided by the other medi [19:16.03]知识和新闻,这些以前是由其它媒体提供的 [19:18.62]Thankfully,this did not happen. [19:20.12]所幸的是,这一预言并未实现。 [19:21.61]Each had its own group of supporters; [19:23.52]每一种媒体都有自己忠实的拥护者, [19:25.43]in fact,most people read a daily newspaper, [19:27.55]大多数人都每天看报, [19:29.68]listen to the radio in their cars while driving to work or in their offices while working, [19:32.95]在驱车上班途中在车里或工作时在办公室里听收音机, [19:36.23]and during leisure hours read a new best-selling book or watch television. [19:39.45]闲暇时光则往往会阅读一本畅销书或看电视。 [19:42.67]2 It has been rare for the various media groups to work together, [19:45.05]过去各种媒体间少有合作, [19:47.42]but recently professionals within the different fields of journalism [19:50.05]但最近新闻界不同领域的专业人士已经意识到,如果将他们的资源联合起来,他们就能做到单干时无法做到的事。 [19:52.68]have realized that by combining their resources they could attempt projects that they could not afford to accomplish by working alone. [19:57.59]多媒体产品《歌之河:密西西比河音乐之旅》就是这一合作的成果。 [20:02.51]This has resulted in a multi-media production called River of Song [20:05.32]世界上每个大洲都有自己引以为豪的河流——如中国有长江、黄河,北非有尼罗河,南美有亚马逊河。 [20:08.12]A Musical Journey down the Mississipi.Each continent of the world has its river or rivers of note--the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers in china, the Nile river in North Africa,and the Amazon River in south Amrica. [20:17.48]提到北美,当然要数密西西比河了。《歌之河》是一部记录片。 [20:26.84]In North America it is without doubt the Mississippi River. River of song is a documentary production. [20:35.88]It consists of a four-hour,four-part television series to be shown on Public Television. [20:39.88]全片包括四部分,每部分长达四小时,不久将在大众文化教育电视上播放。 [20:43.87]3 The text for River of Song was written by Elijah Wald,a music critic for the Boston Glob [20:48.10]《歌之河》的文字部分由厄里亚。伍尔德撰写。他是一名音乐批评家,专为《全球》撰写文章 [20:52.33]a newspaper long noted for its support of the art [20:54.74]《全球》因为支持艺术而久负盛名 [20:57.16]In addition to the television series,there is a corresponding seven-hou [21:00.14]除了电视系列片外,收音机还播放相对应的7小时 [21:03.13]seven-part series airing on Public Radio,a 36-song,two CD soundtrack,and a 352-page boo [21:09.45]包括7部分的广播节目,一套两张录有36首歌曲的光盘和一本厚达352页的书 [21:15.77]Although different media are involved,their focus remains the same:to document the musical traditions that thrive on the banks of the Missippi, [21:21.42]虽然《歌之河》涉及到的媒体不少,但所有这些媒体的焦点是一致的:“记录下密西西比河两岸繁荣的音乐传统, [21:27.07]from Lake Itasca in the northern state of Minnesota,the river's source, [21:30.06]从大河源头(北部明尼斯塔州的艾塔斯卡河), [21:33.05]to where the waters empty into the Gulf of mexico in the state of Louisiana. [21:35.95]一直追寻到路易斯安那州大河汇入墨西哥湾。 [21:38.84]4 Although the series is a documentary,viewers, [21:40.84]虽然这一系属纪实性,但观众, [21:42.84]listeners and readers will be happy to find that they will not be overwhelmed with numerous dates and event [21:46.98]听众和读者都会高兴的发现自己不会被淹没,被数不清的日期、事件 [21:51.12]with old balck-and-white photos,or serious lectures given by earnest Hollywood actor [21:55.15]黑白照片或表情严肃的好莱坞演员的说教淹没 [21:59.18]The story is tole through a series of lively personal portrai [22:01.60]该系列以生动的人物形象为主线 [22:04.01]of the musicians who live in the cities and towns along the Mississippi Rive [22:06.73]该音乐家们居住在密西西比河沿岸城市和小镇上 [22:09.44]The audience gets to know these musicians not as mere representatives of musican trends and types. [22:13.26]观众们会逐步了解到这些音乐家不是单纯意义上的音乐潮流与趋势的代表, [22:17.08]but as regular people trying to make a living with their music. [22:19.25]而是一些靠音乐谋生的普通人。 [22:21.43]In the television series they are seen sweating through their performances, [22:23.93]在电视系列片中,人们会看到这些人或大汗淋漓地表演, [22:26.44]going about their daily routine, [22:27.84]或做着日常琐事, [22:29.24]or sitting around their living rooms making music with their friends. [22:31.57]或围在房间里与朋友们一起摆弄音乐。 [22:33.89]5 Both the television and radio productions are narrated by a folk guitarist,Ani DiFranco. [22:37.49]这一系列的电视版,广播版都是由一位叫迪弗朗科的乡村吉它手配的音。 [22:41.09]She believes that beneath whatever is currently popular in the music of any society, [22:44.22]她认为,在任何社会的任何流行音乐元素下, [22:47.35]there is always an"undercurrent"of music coming from the people. [22:49.82]都有一股来自群众的音乐潜流。 [22:52.28]She says that this is the "sound of culture itself in the streets,bars,gyms,churche [22:55.92]她还说,处处都有来自文化的声音:在街上,酒吧里,操场上,教堂里 [22:59.56]and back porches of the real world [23:00.96]在尘世中的隐蔽处 [23:02.36]The musicians are generally not superstars. [23:04.18]这些音乐家一般来说并非什么巨星。 [23:06.00]A few of them might deserve a chance to perform to national audiences on television or other-wise, [23:09.42]有几位应该有机会在电视上或其他媒体上露脸, [23:12.84]but most of them are content to be known only locally. [23:15.16]但他们大多数对在本地有名的现状很满足。 [23:17.48]They show a commitment to music that is deeper than that of a celebrity:for the [23:20.71]和名人相比,他们表现出对音乐更深切的献身精神,对他们来说 [23:23.93]music isn't simply a means to acquire wealth or fam [23:26.16]音乐不仅仅是谋取财富和名气的途径 [23:28.39]It's a method of preserving traditions and a way of life. [23:30.86]音乐是一种保留传统的方式和一种生活方式。 [23:33.32]As one Louisiana musician appearing in the series says,"We,the young generation, [23:36.83]正如一位在系列剧中出现过的来自路易斯安那的音乐家所说的:“我们年轻人, [23:40.34]are the glue that keeps the culture going. [23:41.80]是促使文化继续发展的粘合剂。 [23:43.26]If we don't continue playing the music,it's going to be lost." [23:45.85]如果我们不继续演奏,那么这些音乐将很快被遗忘。” [23:48.44]6 The music and musicians are varied in the series. [23:50.26]在这一系列剧中出现了各式各样的声音和各式各样的音乐家。 [23:52.08]There are African drummers, [23:53.16]有非洲音乐鼓手, [23:54.24]rock and roll guitarists,accordionists,blues singers,choirs,brass bands, [23:58.24]摇滚乐吉他手,手风琴演奏者,布鲁斯歌手,合唱团、铜管乐队, [24:02.23]and folk fiddlers,to name only a few,all of whom love along the Mississippi River. [24:05.45]和民乐小提琴手,这些仅仅是其中的一部分,他们全都居住在密西西比河沿岸。 [24:08.68]They often remind their audience that the Mississippi has long been associated with music, [24:11.75]这些音乐家常使人们觉得密西西比河自古就与音乐相伴。 [24:14.83]Over one hundred years ago,when Mark Twain wrote about life along the big river, [24:17.78]一百多年前当马克·吐温描写大河两岸的生活时, [24:20.74]the big steam-powered paddle-wheeled boats made their way along it. [24:23.11]庞大的蒸气动力明船在大河上下穿梭, [24:25.49]The passengers were usually entertained by musicians playing the local music. [24:28.26]而乘客们则以听音乐家演奏当地音乐为乐, [24:31.03]One of these paddle wheelers,the Delta Queen,built in 1926,still makes a trip between St.Loui [24:35.26]如今,有一艘建于1926年的名叫三角洲女王号的明轮船,仍穿梭于圣路易 [24:39.49]Missouri,and St.Paul,Minnesot [24:41.25]和密勒索塔的圣保罗之间 [24:43.02]Like one hundred years ago,the passengers enjoy both the scenery and the music. [24:45.74]和一百年前的情形一样,乘客们不仅可以享受美景,也可以欣赏音乐。 [24:48.45]7 River of Song concludes with rather sad music. [24:50.58]《歌之河》以较悲伤的音乐结束。 [24:52.70]On an island at the mouth of the Mississippi, [24:54.43]在密西西比河的河口处有一个小岛。 [24:56.16]the audience meets Irvan and Allen Perez, [24:58.16]在那儿,观众可以看到(听到)一对名叫艾凡·皮赫和艾伦·皮赫的, [25:00.16]two cousins who belong to a group of Spanish-speaking people who first settled in Louisiana 200 years ago. [25:04.24]表兄弟,他们是在200多年前在安易斯安那州安家落户的讲西班牙语人的后裔。 [25:08.33]The Perezes are fishermen. [25:09.64]两兄弟都是渔民。 [25:10.96]As they work,they sing unaccompanied by musical instruments. [25:13.33]他们边工作、边唱歌,不需要任何乐器伴奏。 [25:15.71]Their songs are usually 10 stanzas long and are mostly in Spanish. [25:18.39]他们的歌大多用西班牙语演唱,有时歌长达10节。 [25:21.07]They sing of shrimp boats and fur trappers,bad weather and home mortgages. [25:24.35]他们歌唱捕虾船和猎兽者,唱坏天气和家里欠的债。 [25:27.62]Their voices are strong and pure. [25:28.99]他们的声音雄浑而纯净。 [25:30.36]The following are two translated lines from a song that Allen sings:"Against this trapper are mosquitoes and high water. [25:35.22]以下是艾伦唱的两句歌词,翻译过来就是:“这个猎兽者周围都是蚊子和暴涨的河水。 [25:40.08]And to finish him completely,the bank sends him a letter." [25:42.58]河岸给他发了通知,让他彻底完蛋。” [25:45.08]It is a sad song but still hopeful. [25:46.94]这支悲伤的歌仍然充满了希望。 [25:48.79]His performance reminds the listener that American music is broad and big, [25:51.38]他的演唱让人不由觉得美国音乐是如此宽广、宏大。 [25:53.97]like a river,and it keeps flowing. [25:55.88]就像一条不断流淌的河。 [25:57.79]Pop music,when compared to the music immortalized through River of Song, [26:00.65]与《歌之河》中不朽的音乐相比起来,流行音乐, [26:03.52]suddenly seems worth no more than just a glass of water from the tap. [26:05.93]忽然就像从塞子里流出来的一杯水一样渺校 [26:08.34]Many people in the United States plan to watch the series on television, [26:10.89]许多身在美国的人都准备通过电视, [26:13.45]listen to it on the radio, [26:14.64]广播来收看, [26:15.83]read about it in the books as well as in newspapers and magazines which has covered this event enthusiastically, [26:19.55]收听这一系列节目或通过看书和热情报告这一事件的报纸杂志了解这一节目。 [26:23.28]and then purchase the CD in order that they may continue to enjoy the results of multi-media cooperation. [26:27.69]最后再买一套光盘,以便能继续享受这一多种媒体合作的成果。 [26:32.10]New Words [26:32.82]单词 [26:33.54]accordionist n [26:34.58]手风琴演奏者,手风琴演奏家 [26:35.63]best-selling adj [26:36.81]畅销的 [26:38.00]brass n [26:38.99]1)铜管乐器 2)黄铜 [26:39.98]corresponding adj [26:41.12]相应的,相当的 [26:42.25]earnest adj [26:43.06]认真的,诚恳的 [26:43.87]fiddler n [26:44.73]小提琴手 [26:45.60]fisherman n [26:46.41]渔民,渔夫 [26:47.22]guitarist n [26:48.35]吉他手 [26:49.49]gym n [26:50.48]体育馆,健身房 [26:51.47]immortalize n [26:52.42]使不朽,使名垂千古 [26:53.37]journalism n [26:54.24]新闻业,新闻工作 [26:55.10]mosquito n [26:56.15]蚊子 [26:57.19]multi-media adj [26:58.56]多媒体的 [26:59.93]narrate v [27:00.83]叙述,解说 [27:01.73]noted adj [27:02.68]著名的,有声望的 [27:03.63]overwhelm v [27:04.95]使不知所措,使受不了 [27:06.26]scenery n [27:07.13]风景,景色 [27:07.99]stanza n [27:08.85](诗的)节 [27:09.72]trapper n [27:10.62]设陷阱捕兽者 [27:11.52]unaccompanied adj [27:12.51]无伴奏的 [27:13.50]undercurrent n [27:14.36]1)暗流 2)潜流 [27:15.23]The Power of the Press [27:16.45]新闻界的威力 [27:17.67]1 One of the biggest misunderstandings about the press in that it deals almost exclusively with news. [27:21.99]人们对新闻界存在一些错误的想法。其中最大的一个误解是认为新闻界只报道新闻。 [27:26.31]2 Another big misunderstanding is that the press has enormous power. [27:29.09]另一个误解是认为新闻界威力无比。 [27:31.86]This delusion is persistent and widespread. [27:34.23]这误解根深蒂固,分布广泛。 [27:36.61]It is taken for granted by the public-at-large, [27:38.25]公众把新闻界的影响力看成是理所当然的, [27:39.89]who are apt to be impressed by anything that is said as few as three times; [27:43.61]任何事情只要说过三遍,就会使他们产生深刻印象。 [27:47.34]it is continually advertised by the press itself,and it is promoted by press management, [27:50.97]新闻界本身也不断地宣传它的影响力,而且掌管新闻界的人也推波助澜, [27:54.61]at least some of whom should know better. [27:56.25]至少他们中的某些人深知其中的奥妙。 [27:57.89]A national commission examining the freedom of the press in the United States not only accepted the press's self-evaluation [28:02.96]一个检测美国新闻界自由度高低的国家委员会接受了新闻界的自我评估, [28:08.04]but also was alarmed by what they perceived as the great power of the press. [28:11.46]也对其认为的“新闻界的威力”而感到吃惊。 [28:14.88]The commission concluded: [28:15.96]这个委员会下了如下的结论: [28:17.04]We have the impression that the American people do not realize what has happened to them. [28:20.49]“我们觉得美国人并不知道发生了什么。他们不知道交流革命已经开始了。 [28:23.95]They are not aware that the communication revolution has occurred. [28:26.36]他们不知道新闻界的新设备和新方法正影响着自己的生活, [28:28.77]They do not appreciate the tremendous power which the new instruments and the new organization of the press place in the hands of a few men. [28:33.96]而这些新设备和新组织方法掌握在少数人手中。 [28:39.14]3 In what way is the press supposed to be so powerful? [28:41.37]为什么人们认为新闻界有如此大的影响力? [28:43.61]The general notion is that the press can form, [28:45.64]人们普遍认为新闻界本身就可以形成, [28:47.67]control,or at least strongly influence public opinion. [28:50.36]掌握,至少可以较强地影响公众的思想。 [28:53.04]Can it really do any of these things? [28:54.62]新闻界真的可以做这上些事吗? [28:56.21]Hugh Cudlipp, [28:57.16]休·克尼浦 [28:58.11]editorial director of The London Daily Mirror and a man who should know something about the effect of newspapers on public opinion, [29:02.67]作为《伦敦每日镜报》的主编,他是一个理应对新闻界影响立较熟悉的人, [29:07.22]does't share this general notion about their power. [29:09.69]他不同意对新闻界影响力的普遍看法。 [29:12.15]He thinks newspapers can echo and stimulate popular feelings that already exist, [29:15.88]他认为,新闻界可以反映并刺激已经存在的公众感受, [29:19.61]but they probably can't do much more than this. [29:21.60]但仅限于此。 [29:23.60]"A newspaper may successfully accelerate but never reverse the popular attitude that common sense has given to the public." [29:28.52]“新闻界可能可以成功地失主动公众从常识中得到的普遍态度的发展,但决不能改变它。” [29:33.43]In short,it can jump on the bandwagon,once the bandwagon's under way,and urge others to jump aboard too; [29:37.89]总之,只要彩车在运动,新闻界就可以跳上彩车并鼓动别人也跳上去, [29:42.36]but it can't start the bandwagon rolling or change its direction after it's started. [29:45.58]但新闻界无法使彩车动起来或改变其运动方向。 [29:48.80]4 Like habit-forming pills,the press can stimulate or depress,but it cannot cure. [29:53.07]和习惯性服用的药片一样,新闻界能起到激发或抑制的作用。但却无法治愈疾玻 [29:57.33]It can fan fear and hatred of another nation(when the fear and hatred are there, [30:00.70]它能煽动公众的恐惧感或对另一国家的仇恨感(当恐惧感与仇恨感已经存在, [30:04.07]waiting to be fanned)but it cannot make peace. [30:06.44]并等待着别人去煽动时),但它却不能带来和平。 [30:08.82]As more and more people who have been victims of the press's unkind words have found out, [30:12.60]越来越多的被新闻界恶语伤害过的人都发现, [30:16.38]the press has a nasty kind of power-the same kind of power a bully has, [30:20.01]新闻界有一种令人厌恶的恃强凌弱的影响力, [30:23.65]of hurting somebody smaller and weaker than himself. [30:25.92]伤害比自己弱小的人。 [30:28.19]An individual's only defense against the press is the law of libel, [30:31.37]个人对新闻界唯一的反抗方式就是搬出《反诽谤法》, [30:34.56]but considerable harm and much pain can be caused without going so far as to commit libel that can be taken to court for judgment. [30:39.89]但在不违反法律不上法庭的条件下,仍有人会对他人造成巨大的伤害和痛苦。 [30:45.21]Journalists themselves generally have a horror of being interviewed, [30:48.44]记者们往往害怕被人采访, [30:51.66]written up or even noticed by the press--they know too well from their own experience [30:55.35]被人写进报道,甚至害怕引起新闻界的注意——因为他们从自己的经历中深深地体会到, [30:59.04]how inept and cruel a distortion the result is likely to be. [31:02.08]结果将是多么荒谬和歪曲。 [31:05.12]Nine times out of ten,as they know ,ineptness is to blame rather than conscious cruelty; [31:09.41]他们知道,十有八九人们会归咎于愚蠢拙劣,而不会指责为故意伤害。 [31:13.69]but there is always that tenth case. [31:15.24]但故意伤害的情况总是存在的。 [31:16.79]And a careless friendly hand can be as heavy as an unfriendly fist. [31:20.30]一只粗心的友好之手可能和一只不友好的拳头一样会把人击垮。 [31:23.81]The press is often like a clumsy giant who gives you a pat on the back and knocks the wind out of yo [31:27.84]新闻界就象一位笨拙的巨人,轻轻地拍了一下你的背,就能压得你喘不过气来 [31:31.87]if he doesn't cause internal injure [31:33.51]如果不是让你留下内伤的话 [31:35.15]I remember once coming upon an elderly professor of my university who had just been written up by the paper I worked on. [31:39.88]我记得曾经遇到一位我大学的老教授。他刚刚上了报纸,而我当时又在这家报社工作。 [31:44.61]When he saw me,tears came into his eyes,and he said,"What have I done ? [31:47.35]他看到我,泪水涌上了他的眼眶。“我对他们怎么啦? [31:50.09]What about have I done to deserve this?" [31:51.40]他们怎么这样对我?” [31:52.71]He was deeply wounded by the article and regarded it as an extremely unkind stereotype. [31:56.71]他被关于他的文章深深地伤害了,对认为那篇文施展充满恶意。 [32:00.71]Knowing that it had been written by one of his former students who liked and admired the professor, [32:03.69]我知道那篇文章是由他以前的一位学生写的,而那位学生十分喜爱并崇拜他。 [32:06.68]I tried to reassure him that it was least kindly meant; [32:09.15]我努力劝说他,说那篇文章本意是好的, [32:11.61]I don't think I succeeded. [32:12.60]但所有的劝说都不顶用。 [32:13.59]5 The press has the power to stimulate,alarm,enrage,amuse,humiliate,annoy, [32:18.06]新闻界有激动,警告,激怒,娱乐,侮辱的作用, [32:22.52]even to drive a person out of his community or his job. [32:24.90]甚至能把某人赶出其集体或令其失去工作, [32:27.27]But of the stronger power to which it pretends and of which the press bosses dream-to make and break governments, [32:31.59]但它假装出来的及新闻界老总们梦想的威力——如建立或推翻政府, [32:35.91]to influence an election,to stop a war or start a revolution--there is no real evidence. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121226/99601.html