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新编大学英语3听力 Unit 11

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!unit 11 [00:03.31]Heroes [00:05.90]Part Two [00:09.14]Listening-Centered Activities [00:13.10]Listening 1 [00:16.42]Exercise 1 [00:20.02]Directions: [00:23.33]You are going to hear a news report about a heroic deed of a policewoman. [00:29.84]Listen carefully and decide whether the following statements are true or false. [00:37.26]Put "T" for true and "F" for false in the space provided. [00:44.46]Then check your answers with your neighbor. [00:49.61]A Hero Inside [00:53.75]New York citizens were delighted by the heroism [00:58.57]and amazing luck of a local policewoman named Arlene Beckles. [01:04.12]Last Sunday evening, when the young policewoman was getting her hair done, [01:10.67]three armed men burst into the hairdresser's, [01:15.92]emptied the cash register and began to rob the customers. [01:21.72]Beckles stood up, [01:25.46]stated that she was a police officer and pulled a gun from under her clothes. [01:31.40]The robbers began shooting. [01:35.80]Arlene Beckles wounded all three but was pushed to the floor by one of the robbers. [01:41.88]His gun went off twice. He and another gunman then fled. [01:49.22]Police arrived and the third gunman was caught. [01:54.08]Three days later, all three suspects were in jail. [01:59.56]Beckles was promoted to the rank of detective. At the honors ceremony, [02:06.32]she explained that all police officers have "a hero inside". [02:11.90]Exercise 2 [02:15.47]Directions: [02:19.18]Listen to the news report again and answer the questions. [02:25.04]Then check your answers with your neighbor. [02:29.58]1)Where did this incident take place? [02:35.27]2)How many gunmen attacked the place? [02:41.10]3)Who caught the gunmen? [02:46.36]4)Why was Beckles considered lucky by the citizens? [02:52.80]5)Why was she promoted? [02:57.77]Listening 3 [03:01.08]Once a year the city of Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,chooses two outstanding citizens. [03:08.82]These two citizens receive the "Hero of Philadelphia" award. [03:15.12]To receive this award, a citizen must first do a heroic deed. [03:21.67]Then the citizen is nominated for the "Hero Award". [03:26.75]Finally, the Philadelphia City Council looks at the nominations [03:33.41]and chooses the two citizens to receive the award. [03:38.81]You are members of the Philadelphia City Council. [03:43.92]This year you received 613 nominations. [03:50.11]Last week you chose five finalists. Today you will choose the two winners. [03:58.64]Exercise 1 [04:02.21]Directions: [04:06.02]Listen to the descriptions of the 5 finalists [04:10.38]and fill in the following blanks in note form as the example shows. [04:17.11]Hero Award Darrell Smith, age 11, elementary student. [04:24.92]On the morning of April 2, Darrell was playing in Central Park. [04:31.62]He saw a group of young boys. They were beating up an old man. [04:37.70]First, Darrell threw rocks at the boys. [04:42.92]Then he ran to a nearby policeman and told him. [04:47.57]The policeman caught the boys and saved the old man. [04:52.82]Sherry Lee, age 33, policewoman, unmarried. [05:00.10]Ms. Lee is the leader of an anti-cocaine police group. [05:06.58]Last year, she and her group arrested more than 50 drug dealers [05:13.24]and seized more than 5000 pounds of cocaine. [05:18.60]John Sawada, age 65, accountant, married (five children). [05:27.92]Mr. Sawada works for the city of Philadelphia. [05:33.40]During the past year, he discovered his boss was stealing city money. [05:39.70]His boss fired Mr. Sawada, but Sawada told the mayor. [05:45.96]As a result, Mr. Sawada got his job back, his boss lost his job, [05:53.12]and the citizens of Philadelphia saved $500,000. [05:59.39]Sofia Huffman, age 23, school bus driver, married (one child). [06:08.86]On the rainy morning of October 29, [06:13.61]Mrs. Huffman was driving her bus with 34 children to school. [06:19.73]When the bus went down a hill, the brakes failed. With no way to stop the bus, [06:27.04]Mrs.Huffman drove the bus into a telephone pole on the side of the road. [06:33.98]This stopped the bus and saved the children, but Mrs. Huffman died in the accident. [06:41.47]Tom Cook, age 31, unemployed, unmarried and homeless. On the night of October 5, [06:52.42]Mr. Cook was sleeping on Jackson Street. [06:57.35]A fire started in one of the apartment buildings there. [07:01.99]Mr. Cook ran into the building and personally carried seven children to safety. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121224/99513.html