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新编大学英语2听力 Unit 11

[by:www.tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]喜欢VOA英语网,就把tingvoa.com复制到QQ个人资料中!Unit 11 [00:02.70]College Life [00:05.94]Part Two [00:09.29]Listening-Centered Activities [00:13.75]Listening I [00:17.32]Exercise 1 [00:20.74]Directions: [00:24.12]Listen to the telephone conversation once [00:29.05]and decide whether the statements you hear are true or false [00:35.50]Write "T" for true and "F" for false. [00:41.83]Justin is twenty, and is studying away from home in the north of England [00:50.11]He never writes home, but often rings his parents on Sunday evening. [00:57.38]Mother: Hello. Bedford 21698. [01:02.42]Justin: Hello, mum. It's me, Justin. [01:06.89]Mother: Hello, love. How are you? [01:11.21]Justin: I'm fine, but I'm really tired. [01:16.32]Mother: Oh--what have you been doing? [01:21.07]I've been studying really hard [01:25.28]Mother: Of course, it's exam time. When did they start? [01:31.01]Justin: Last Thursday. We had our first one on Thursday morning [01:36.84]It was terrible. I don't want to talk about it. [01:42.67]Mother: OK. What else have you been doing? [01:48.14]Justin: Not a lot. I've been working too hard [01:52.72]Sometimes I go round to Lucinda's place and we study together. [01:58.48]Mother: Lucinda? I haven't heard about her before. Who is she? [02:05.78]Justin: You know--Lucinda-- I'm sure I've told you about he [02:10.90]She's doing the same course as me I've known her for ages. [02:17.92]We often help each other with wor Sometimes we go to the pub or cook a meal together [02:25.91]Today we've been testing each other on economics and marketin [02:31.85]She's just gone out to get a Chinese takeaway. [02:36.67]Mother: Oh, yes--when exactly are you coming home? [02:42.32]Justin: In two weeks Term ends on the thirtiet [02:48.08]Oh--mum, would it be OK if Lucinda came to stay in the holiday [02:54.02]Erm...we have to do a project together. [02:59.75]Mother: That's fine, love She's very welcome to stay We'd like to meet her. [03:07.06]Justin: Thanks, mum. Lucinda's come back with the food [03:12.92]I'll ring again before I come home. Love to dad. [03:17.78]Mother: Bye, love--and good luck in the exams. [03:23.11]Justin: Thanks. I need all the luck I can get. Bye. [03:28.58]Mother: Take care of yourself and work hard. Bye. [03:35.14]1)Justin has been working hard for his exams [03:43.16]2)His first exam was last Tuseday [03:50.22]3)He wants to tell his mother about the exam [03:57.42]4)Justin's mother said that she had never heard about Lucinda before [04:06.17]5)Justin and Lucinda have been preparing for their exams [04:14.63]6)Lucinda is studying Chinese [04:21.40]7)Term ends on the 30th [04:27.55]8)Lucinda will be staying with Justin's family during the holiday [04:35.87]Exercise 2 [04:39.65]Directions: [04:43.82]Listen to the conversation again [04:47.82]and fill in the blanks with the information you get from the tape. [04:54.37]listening II [04:57.72]Exercise 1 [05:01.32]Directions: [05:04.99]Listen to the poem twice and fill in the blands with the missing words. [05:12.26]The Bully asleep [05:16.08]One afternoon,when grassy Scents through the classroom crept, [05:23.68]Bill Craddock laid his head Down on his desk, and slept. The children came round him: [05:33.47]Jimmy, Roger, and Jane;They lifted his head timidly And let it sink again. [05:41.82]"Look, he's gone sound asleep, Miss."Said Jimmy adair; [05:48.70]"He stays up all the night, you see.His mother doesn't care." [05:54.85]"Stand away from him, children."Miss Andrews stooped to see."Yes, he's asleep; go on [06:04.57]With your writing,and let him be.""Now's a good chance!" whispered Jimmy. [06:13.10]And he snatched Bill's pen and hid it."Kick him under the desk hard; [06:20.92]He won't know who did it.""Fill all his pockets with rubbish-- [06:27.29]Paper, apple-cores, chalk."So they plotted, while Jane Sat wide-eyed at their talk. [06:37.40]Not caring, not hearing.Bill Craddock he slept on;Lips parted,eyes closed-- 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121224/99511.html