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朗文国际英语教程:Side by Side 练习册1-2

[by:www.tingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:07.18]Listen and put a check under the correct picture. [00:13.35]1.A.Where's the book? [00:18.08]B.It's on the desk. [00:21.45]2.A.Where's the dictionary? [00:26.31]B.It's on the chair. [00:29.75]3.A.Where's the ruler? [00:34.40]B.It's on the desk. [00:37.67]4.A.Where's the map? [00:42.40]B.It's on the bulletin board. [00:46.03]5.A.Where's the globe? [00:51.07]B.It's on the bookshelf. [00:54.52]6.A.Where's the computer? [00:59.48]B.It's on the table. [01:02.93]J.LISTENING [01:10.40]Listen and write the number under the correct picture. [01:16.56]1.Our English teacher is in the hospital. [01:22.31]2.Mr.and Mrs.Sanchez are in the restaurant. [01:28.76]3.Mary is at the dentist. [01:34.22]4.Billy and Jimmy are in the park. [01:39.79]5.Mr.and Mrs.Lee are at the social security office. [01:47.05]6.James is home in bed. [01:52.40]K.LISTENING [01:59.67]Listen and circle the word you hear. [02:04.84]1.Where are you? [02:09.38]2.Ms.Jones is in the bank. [02:14.74]3.We're friends. [02:19.18]4.Hi.How are you? [02:24.43]5.Where's the newspaper? [02:29.50]6.He's from Korea. [02:34.15]7.The computer is on the table. [02:39.71]8.It's in the bathroom. [02:44.55]M.GRAMMARRAP:Where's Jack? [02:54.08]Listen.Then clap and practice. [02:59.85]A.Where's Jack? [03:09.41]B.He's in the kitchen. [03:14.27]A.Where's Jill? [03:19.31]B.She's in the dining room. [03:24.49]A.Where's Mom? [03:29.21]B.She's in the living room. [03:34.36]A.Where's Fred? Fred's in bed. [03:40.42]All.Fred's in bed.Fred's in bed. [03:45.38]A.Jack's in the kitehen. [03:48.86]All.Fred's in bed. [03:52.10]A.Jack's in the kitchen. [03:55.96]B.Jill's in the dining room. [03:59.49]A.Mom's in the living room. [04:02.83]All.Fred's in bed. [04:10.98]N.GRAMMARRAP:Where Are Fred and Mary? [04:21.02]Listen.Then clap and practice. [04:26.58]A.Where's Jack? [04:36.35]B.Where's Jill? [04:39.69]C.Where are Fred and Mary? [04:43.45]D.Where's Bill? [04:47.11]A.Where's Ed? [04:50.77]B.Where's Sue? [04:54.24]C.Where are Bob and Betty? [04:58.08]D.Where are Tom and Lou? [05:01.74]A.Jack and Jill. [05:08.51]B.Betty and Bill. [05:12.03]C.Bob and Lou. [05:15.56]D.Mary and Sue. [05:19.03]A.Jack and Jill. [05:22.69]B.Betty and Bill. [05:26.24]C.Bob and Lou. [05:30.00]D.Mary and Sue 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120904/86981.html