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朗文国际英语教程:Side by Side 练习册1-14

[by:www.tingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 D.GRAMMARRAP:What Are You Going to Do? [00:10.89]Listen.Then clap and practice. [00:16.46]All.What are you going to do tomorrow morning? [00:24.61]How about tomorrow afternoon? [00:29.78]What are you going to do tomorrow evening? [00:35.34]What are you going to do this June? [00:40.59]A.I'm going to vacuum all my ruags tomorrow afternoon. [00:46.03]B.I'm going to walk my dog tomorrow afternoon. [00:51.28]C.I'm going to visit all my friends tomorrow evening. [00:57.05]D.I'm going to dance at my wedding this June. [01:10.09]H.LISTENING:Listen and circle the words you hear. [01:22.13]1.I'm going to visit her this year. [01:27.77]2.I'm going to write to my uncle right away. [01:34.01]3.I'm going to call them this Monday. [01:40.18]4.When are you going to cut your hair? [01:45.95]5.I'm going to fix it next Tuesday. [01:52.12]6.We're going to see them this December. [01:58.00]7.They're going to visit us this winter. [01:57.00]8.I'm going to clean it at once. [02:02.64]9.We're going to spend time with them this August. [02:09.19]10.I'm going to wash them immediately. [02:15.15]11.You're going to see us next week. [02:20.92]12.When are you going to call the plumber? [02:26.67]J.LISTENING: [02:34.92]Listen to the following weather forecasts and circle the correct answers. [02:42.79]Today's Weather Forecast [02:50.94]This is Mike Martinez with today's weather forecast. [02:58.51]This afternoon it's going to be cool and cloudy, [03:04.47]with temperatures from 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. [03:11.24]This evening it's going to be foggy and warm,but it isn't going to rain. [03:44.99]This Weekend's Weather Forecast [03:49.43]This is Barbara Burrows with your weekend weather forecast. [03:57.68]Tonight it's going to be clear and warm, [04:03.04]with 60 degree temperatures. [04:07.61]On Saturday you can swim at the beach. [04:13.17]It's going to be sunny and very hot, [04:18.21]with temperatures between 90 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. [04:24.98]But take your umbrella with you on Sunday [04:29.84]because it's going to be cool and it's going to rain. [05:14.90]Monday's Weather Forecast [05:20.65]This is Al Alberts with Monday's weather forecast. [05:30.00]Monday morning it's going to be cool and nice, [05:35.74]but Monday afternoon wear your gloves and your boots [05:41.99]because it's going to be very cold and it's going to snow! [05:48.05]On Tuesday morning the skiing is going to be wonderful [05:54.58]because it's going to be sunny and very warm! [06:33.63]Q.GRAMMARRAP:What Do They Want to Do? [06:44.21]Listen.Then clap and practice. [06:49.57]He wants to go.I want to stay. [06:57.01]He wants to work.I want to play. [07:01.69]She wants to eat at a restaurant. [07:05.84]I want to eat at home. [07:10.39]She wants to eat with all our triends. [07:16.16]I want to eat alone. [07:20.10]We want to leave at seven. [07:24.68]They want to leave at eight. [07:29.72]We want to get there early. [07:34.58]They want to get there late. [07:39.33]Jack wants to take the eight o'clock plane. [07:44.61]Joe wants to take the bus. [07:48.86]Bob wants to take the six o'clock train. [07:54.01]Bill wants to come with us. [08:04.28]T.LISTENING [08:12.04]Listen and write the time you hear. [08:17.00]1.It's seven forty-five. [08:22.56]2.It's six fifteen. [08:27.40]3.It's four thirty. [08:32.44]4.It's nine fifteen. [08:37.79]5.It's midnight. [08:42.65]6.It's five o'clock. [08:47.69]7.It's a quarter to nine. [08:52.84]8.It's a quarter after eight. [08:57.80]9.It's one forty-five. [09:03.37]10.It's noon. [09:07.91]11.It's eleven thirty. [09:13.06]12.It's a quarter to three. [09:18.33]W.GRAMMARRAP:Time Flies [09:29.07]Listen.Then clap and practice. [09:34.50]Time flies. The days go by. [09:44.14]Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday. [09:52.19]Time flies.The days go by. [09:58.25]Time flies.The months go by. [10:08.31]January,February,March,April,May,June,July,August, [10:18.15]September,October,November,December. [10:24.63]Time flies.The months go by. [10:30.56]The seasons come,The seasons go. [10:40.10]Autumn,winter,spring,summer, [10:46.47]Autumn,winter,spring,summer. [10:52.53]Time flies.The years go by. [10:58.28]Where do they go? I don't know. [11:12.44]X.GRAMMARSONG:To Be With You [11:22.89]Listen and fill in the words to the song.Then listen again and sing along. [11:32.55]Any day,any______,any month,any____,I'm_____wait right here to be with you. [11:55.83]_____the spring,in the_______,in the winter,or the_______,just call. [12:07.61]I'm______here to be with you. [12:14.56]____ _____to wait from January,______March,_______May,June and_____, [12:25.74]August,_______,October,and November,and all of_______. [12:36.60]I'm going to wait... [12:41.15]____one o'clock,a quarter__________. [12:46.82]It's half_____one,a quarter __________two. [12:52.67]And I'm going_____ _____right here to be with you. [13:01.03]Any_______,any week,any_____,any year,I'm going to wait___here to be____you. [13:18.19]Yes,I'm going to wait right here_______ _______with _______ [15:11.14]G.Listen to the story.Fill in the correct times 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120827/86274.html