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朗文国际英语教程:Side by Side 练习册1-15

[by:www.tingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 B.LISTENING [00:08.39]Listen to the story.Put the number under the correct picture. [00:16.04]Everybody in my family is sick today. [00:20.90]My parents are sick. [00:24.56]1.My father has a stomachache. [00:30.20]2.My mother has a backache. [00:35.66]My brother and my sister are sick,too. [00:40.41]3.My sister Alice has an earche. [00:46.37]4.My brother David has a toothache. [00:52.32]My grandparents are also sick. [00:56.76]5.My grandmother has a cold. [01:02.41]6.My grandfather has a sore throat. [01:08.57]7.Even my dog is sick!He has a fever! [01:16.02]Yes,everybody in my family is sick today...everybody except me! [01:24.06]How do I feel today? [01:27.59]8.I feel fine! [01:32.26]C.GRAMMARRAP:What's the Matter? [01:42.82]Listen.Then clap and practice. [01:48.25]A.What's the matter with you? [01:55.80]B.I have a headache. What's the matter with YOU? [02:02.04]A.I have a cold. [02:05.70]A.What's the matter with him? [02:14.16]B.He has a toothache. What's the matter with HER? [02:20.36]A.She has a cold. [02:24.40]A.What's the matter with Mary? [02:32.95]B.She has an earache.What's the matter with BILL? [02:38.98]A.He has a very bad cold. [02:43.94]A.What's the matter with Fred? [02:51.31]B.He has a backache. Wha's the matter with ANNE? [02:57.55]A.She has an awful [03:02.31]A.What's the matter with Jane? [03:10.07]B.She has a stomachache. What's the matter with PAUL? [03:16.13]A.He has a terrible cold. [03:20.88]A.What's the matter with the students? [03:28.54]B.They have sore throats. [03:32.79]What's the matter with the teachers? [03:36.92]A.They have terrible colds. [03:40.89]They have terrible terrible colds! [03:53.33]F.LISTENING [04:01.66]Listen and circle the correct answer. [04:06.94]Example 1:I study. [04:12.21]Example 2:I played cards. [04:17.78]1.I planted flowers. [04:23.24]2.I shave. [04:27.78]3.I CRIed. [04:32.54]4.I typed. [04:37.21]5.I work. [04:41.65]6.I shouted. [04:46.33]7.I clean. [04:51.08]8.I studied. [04:55.52]9.I fixed my car. [05:00.70]10.I paint. [05:05.06]11.I smile. [05:09.92]12.I cooked. [05:14.46]J.GRAMMARRAP:What Did They Do? [05:24.73]Listen.Then clap and practice. [05:30.40]A.What did you do today? [05:37.16]B.I washed my floors. [05:41.00]A.Your floors? B.Yes! [05:44.37]B.I washed my floors all day! [05:48.92]A.What did Mark do today? [05:55.79]B.He cleaned his house. [05:59.92]A.His house? B.Yes! [06:03.55]B.He cleaned his house all day! [06:07.91]A.What did Pam do today? [06:15.17]B.She painted her porch. [06:19.01]A.Her porch? B.Yes! [06:22.35]B.She painted her porch all day! [06:27.19]A.What did they do today? [06:34.14]B.They sang some songs. [06:38.39]A.Some songs? B.Yes! [06:41.87]B.They sang some songs all day 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120827/86273.html