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朗文国际英语教程:Side by Side 练习册1-16

[by:www.tingVOA.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 F.GRAMMARRAP RHYMING GAME:No,They Didn't [00:12.90]A.Did she wash her skirt? [00:26.67]B.No,she didn't. [00:30.01]A.What did she wash? [00:33.57]B.She washed her______ [00:37.51]A.Did they paint the dorr? [00:43.68]B.No,they didn't. [00:47.02]A.What did they paint? [00:50.39]B.They painted the______. [00:54.05]A.Did he call his mother? [01:00.40]B.No,he didn't. [01:03.95]A.Who did he call? [01:07.29]B.He called his______. [01:11.24]A.Did you buy new suits? [01:17.48]B.No,we didn't. [01:20.95]A.What did you buy? [01:24.30]B.We bought new______. [01:27.82]A.Did you get up at seven? [01:34.20]B.No,I didn't. [01:37.65]A.When did you get up? [01:40.99]B.I got up at__________. [01:53.14]I.LISTENING [02:01.60]Listen and choose the correct response. [02:06.64]1.When did you write to your girlfriend? [02:12.39]2.When does your neighbor wash his car? [02:18.34]3.Who did your parents visit? [02:23.60]4.Where does lrene do yoga? [02:29.16]5.When did your son go to sleep? [02:34.80]6.When do you clean your apartment? [02:40.76]7.Where did you take your grandchildren? [02:46.50]8.What did you make for dinner? [02:51.47]9.When does Carla read her e-mail? [02:57.40]10.When did you get up today? [03:02.57]L.GRAMMARRAP:Old Friends [03:13.12]Listen.Then clap and practice. [03:18.69]We walked and talked [03:25.64]And talked and walked. [03:29.48]Walked and talked,Talked and walked. [03:34.75]We sat in the garden. [03:41.60]And looked at the flowers. [03:45.36]We talked and talked For hours and hours. [03:51.60]He drank milk,And I drank tea. [03:59.65]We talked and talked From one to three. [04:05.21]We talked about him. [04:12.29]We talked about us. [04:16.05]Then we walked to the corner [04:20.13]To get the bus. [04:23.89]We waited and waited. [04:31.05]The bus was late. [04:34.39]So we stood and talked [04:38.36]From four to eight. [04:46.90]M.GRAMMARRAP:Gossip [04:56.75]Listen.Then clap and practice. [05:02.52]I told Jack. [05:09.37]Jack told Jill. [05:13.13]Jill told Fred. [05:17.10]Fred told Bill. [05:20.55]Bill called Anne. [05:24.39]Anne called Sue. [05:28.05]Sue told Jim. [05:31.70]But who told you 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20120826/86204.html