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雅思考试IELTS),外文名International English Language Testing System,由剑桥大学考试委员会外语考试部、英国文化协会及IDP教育集团共同管理,是一种针英语能力,为打算到使用英语的国家学习、工作或定居的人们设置的英语水平考试。
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第20期Test2(2-2)2018-03-20
So its quite simple to find any room by going to the right wing,then floor,and then room number.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第19期Test2(2-1)2018-03-20
The original house was converted into a residential college for the university in 1940 and since then has continued to be added on to and modernised.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第18期Test2(1-3)2018-03-19
No...I was born in London,although my mother is from Tasmanis.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第17期Test2(1-2)2018-03-19
Fine.Well,lets get some details.What kind of apartment is it?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第16期Test2(1-1)2018-03-18
Really? I didnt know that.Its on the third,no,second floor.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第15期Test1(4-5)2018-03-18
There are many other job opportunities which our graduates can look forward to.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第14期Test1(4-4)2018-03-17
Physical Education or PE Teachers instruct young students in how to exercise,
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第13期Test1(4-3)2018-03-17
Remember that this is a vocational training institute.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第12期Test1(4-2)2018-03-16
And lastly for the Recreation Officers course we offer a six-month certificate.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第11期Test1(4-1)2018-03-16
For Sports Administrators we provide a four-month certificate course
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第10期Test1(3-3)2018-03-15
Im going to enjoy writing it.Have you been given any writing assignments yet?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第09期Test1(3-2)2018-03-15
You dont mean youre going to read every word,do you?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第08期Test1(3-1)2018-03-14
Yep.It came with the reading list.Whens your first lecture?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第07期Test1(2-4)2018-03-14
We took two,I must say,long-suffering donkeys with us to help transport water and tents and things.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第06期Test1(2-3)2018-03-13
It was in many ways a social trip,wasnt it?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第05期Test1(2-2)2018-03-13
and so we were forced to start re-planning our route almost from the outset.
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第04期Test1(2-1)2018-03-12
You actually broke records while you were out there,didnt you?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第03期Test1(1-3)2018-03-12
There you are.And do I sign here?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第02期Test1(1-2)2018-03-11
Right,thanks.And could you tell me your date of birth please?
剑桥雅思2真题听力 第01期Test1(1-1)2018-03-11
OK.Would you like to fill in the application form now?