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326. The chairman was blamed for letting his secretary take on too much work last week.
325.The nations population continues to rise at the rate of 12 million people per year.
324.The victim would have had the chance to survive if he had been taken to hospital in time.
323.Since my childhood I have found that nothing is more appealing to me than reading.
322.Specialists in intercultural studies say that it is not easy to adapt to lives in different cultures.
321.Indeed, we are not aware of most aspects of our speech and understanding.
320.Nothing defines humans so much as our ability to communicate abstract thoughts--whether about the universe, the mind, love, dreams, or ordering a drink.
319. The key lies in the fact that the units of meaning, words, can be strung together in different ways, according to rules, to communicate different meanings.
318.It is the species-typical behavior that sets humans completely apart from all other animals.
317. Suda reflects a worrisome trend in Japan; the automobile is losing its emotional appeal, particularly among the young, who prefer to spend their money on the latest electronic devices.
316. Our historic concentration of policy attention and resources on young people cannot meet the new needs, says the reports author, Professor Stephen McNair.
315.The challenges include the fact that most people can expect to spend a third of their lies in retirement, that there are now more people over 59 than under 16 and that 11.3 million people are over state pension age.
314. Half of the employers expressed worries about employees basic literacy and numerac skills, while the biggest problem is with IT skills where two-thirds reported concerns.
313.Hes a young, successful executive at an Internet-services company in Tokyo and has plenty of disposable income.
312. I am curious to know whether you will take kindly to this new solution, Einstein noted with a touch of defensiveness.
311.Einstein also took time off dram furiously revising his equations to engage in an awkward fandango with his competitor hilbert.
310.Almost overnight, scores of tent rrillages bloomed amid the region, tended by international aid organizations, mititary installations and aid groups working day and night to shelter the survivors before winter set in.
309.Similarly, consumers operating under a given mood state fiend to react to stimuli in a direction consistent with that mood state.
308.Thus, for example, we should expect to see consumers is a positive mood state evaluate products in more of a favorable manner than they would when not in such a state.
307. In addition, advertismg can influence consumers moods which, in turn, are capable of influencing consumers reactions to products.
306.Moods should be distinguished from emotions which are usually more intense, retated to specific circumstances, and often conscious.
305. Mood may be defined as a temporary and mild positive or negative feeling that is generalized and not tied to any particular circumstance.
304.The emphasis given to each of these functions varies from university to university, according to the views of the people in control and according to the res ources availabie.
303.Amid a secondary school course, a student should be interested enough in a subject to enjoy gaining knowledge for its own sake.
302.And there should be more money available to support people in establishing a sense of identity and finding constructive roes for the third age, the 20 or more years they will spend in healthy retired life.
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