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TED(指Technology, Entertainment, Design在英语中的缩写,即技术、娱乐、设计)是美国的一家私有非营利机构,该机构以它组织的TED大会著称。TED诞生於1984年,其发起人是里查德·沃曼。
公众人物毕业演讲 第443期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(11)2017-07-28
And I looked at her. Where am I sitting? Ma'am, I'm in first class And this was the first time I had flown in first class.我看着她 我在哪坐 女士 我可
公众人物毕业演讲 第442期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(10)2017-07-28
And I scream at here, I go, stop! And this woman swings around.我尖叫到 停这位女士转过身来Sees a former tight end from Stanford University barrelling
公众人物毕业演讲 第441期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(09)2017-07-27
And so I do what I have to do and because of honor and righteousness.于是我做了我必须做的事为了荣耀和正义I cut everybody in line And now, there is car
公众人物毕业演讲 第440期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(08)2017-07-27
But when I say a fight, I mean a literal fight Someone had me in a headlock.反正我这里说的打架是动真格的有人把我脑袋夹住2 people around my legs and my
公众人物毕业演讲 第439期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(07)2017-07-26
Eventually we moved on to beach ball for crying out loud then there was the galactic hail.最终冰雹达到沙滩球那么大然后还有银河冰雹And I would try to c
公众人物毕业演讲 第438期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(06)2017-07-26
4.0 yards per carry and 1600 receiving yards your senior year When I graduated from Stanford, my father, grandfather crowded around me. 你高中最后一年4.0的平均冲球码数和1600的接球总码数我从斯坦福毕业时 我父亲 祖父围着我
公众人物毕业演讲 第437期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(05)2017-07-25
Because my parents would come up to me with my mom saying very different things than other people. 当时我父母都到这里来母亲说的和其他人都很不同
公众人物毕业演讲 第436期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(04)2017-07-25
That I now lead as mayor I want to do something that has probably never been done before at this university.而我现在则是这座城市的市长我的讲法 可能在
公众人物毕业演讲 第435期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(03)2017-07-24
It was a puritan endeavor to find a space of gravity and divinity here on earth While me on the other hand, I at Yale university.纽瓦克是为清教徒寻找
公众人物毕业演讲 第434期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(02)2017-07-24
Because for 2 of my years I lived with undergraduates in Pierson College.因为我有两年和皮尔逊学院的本科生们住在一起As a yes and yes.作为 好而且 好The
公众人物毕业演讲 第433期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(01)2017-07-23
Class of 2013 All right.2013届毕业生们很好I'm a little bit fork length right now because.我现在很有些激动因为It is so good to be back here but just th
公众人物毕业演讲 第432期:丹泽尔2011宾夕法尼亚大学(16)2017-07-23
And I felt ultimately his heart becomes flooded with love And I can't think of a better message.最终他的内心会洋溢着爱今天把你们送出校园的日子As we se
公众人物毕业演讲 第431期:丹泽尔2011宾夕法尼亚大学(15)2017-07-21
Philadelphia came out in 1993 most of you were probably still in diapers.《费城往事》是在1993年上映那时候你们很多人可能都还在裹尿布Some of the professor
公众人物毕业演讲 第430期:丹泽尔2011宾夕法尼亚大学(14)2017-07-21
And after the show, another counselor came up to me and asked Have you ever thought of acting? You're good at that.演出结束后 另一位指导来问我你有没有
公众人物毕业演讲 第429期:丹泽尔2011宾夕法尼亚大学(13)2017-07-20
And the university very politely suggested it might be better to take some time off.学校很体面地建议我考虑休学一段时间I was 20 years old, I was at my
公众人物毕业演讲 第428期:丹泽尔2011宾夕法尼亚大学(12)2017-07-20
You can't take it with you The Egyptians tried it, and all they got was robbed.你不可能把它们一起带走埃及人试过 带走的后来都被盗了So, the question is,
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