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NPR在线收听:Matching Pairs

OPHIRA EISENBERG, HOST: Want our next special guest to play for you? Follow ASK ME ANOTHER on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our next two contestants will play a game about famous duos. Let's meet them. First up, Natalie Savits on buzzer number one. (SOUNDBITE OF BELL) EISENBERG: You're a news researcher at ABC News. NATALIE SAVITS: Yes. EISENBERG: Welcome. SAVITS: Thank you. EISENBERG: Your opponent is Spencer Gaffney on buzzer number two. (SOUNDBITE OF BELL) EISENBERG: You quit your job in finance to become a novelist. SPENCER GAFFNEY: Yeah, pretty excited about it. EISENBERG: Welcome. All right, remember Natalie and Spencer, the first of you who wins two of our games will move on to the final round at the end of the show. Let's go to your first game. Natalie, who is the second half of your duo? SAVITS: I'd say my sister. EISENBERG: Your sister? SAVITS: Mm-hm. EISENBERG: OK. You guys are inseparable? SAVITS: Yeah. I mean, she's, like, four years younger than me, but people think we're, like, twins. And... EISENBERG: Yeah. SAVITS: And we, like, kind of talk and giggle the same way. And yeah... EISENBERG: I know. It's sweet. SAVITS: She's here right now. EISENBERG: Oh, that's nice. Yeah, she was like, guess what your answer to that question is going to be. (LAUGHTER) GAFFNEY: Spencer, who's the other half of your duo? I would say my wife. EISENBERG: Smart. GAFFNEY: Yeah. EISENBERG: Smart thing to say right now. GAFFNEY: Thank you. Yeah. (LAUGHTER) EISENBERG: So in this trivia game, every answer is a famous duo. The clue will be two alternate descriptions for their names. Let's go to our puzzle guru, Art Chung, for an example. ART CHUNG: If we said, this long-running magic act consists of a writing implement and a bank employee, you'd answer Penn & Teller. Now remember, the alternate descriptions we give may or may not be the same spelling as the actual names. EISENBERG: OK. Here we go. Want to buy a book? Go into farm buildings that house livestock and talk to an aristocrat. (SOUNDBITE OF BELL) EISENBERG: Spencer. GAFFNEY: Barnes & Noble. EISENBERG: That is correct, yeah. (APPLAUSE) CHUNG: These daytime talk show hosts are a shade of green and a speaker of the house. (SOUNDBITE OF BELL) CHUNG: Spencer. GAFFNEY: Something and Ryan. Emerald and Ryan? (LAUGHTER) CHUNG: It sounds like an awesome daytime talk show. (LAUGHTER) EISENBERG: I love "Emerald and Ryan." CHUNG: But that is... (LAUGHTER) CHUNG: That is incorrect. EISENBERG: Sounds good. CHUNG: Natalie, do you know the answer? SAVITS: I can't think. I don't know. Kelly and Ryan. CHUNG: That is correct. EISENBERG: Yeah. (APPLAUSE) SAVITS: Wow. EISENBERG: I know. It changes so often, you couldn't... SAVITS: Yeah. EISENBERG: ...Think of what the new name is. CHUNG: That's right. SAVITS: And that's my station, too. EISENBERG: I know. SAVITS: What am I doing? CHUNG: Forest and Ryan... EISENBERG: It's OK, yeah. The 1962 Nobel Prize in medicine went to Sherlock Holmes' companion and a stiff feeling in your neck. (SOUNDBITE OF BELL) EISENBERG: Natalie. SAVITS: Watson and Crick. EISENBERG: That is correct. (APPLAUSE) CHUNG: It's the 1970s duo consisting of typical Southern California weather and Alicia Silverstone's character from "Clueless." (SOUNDBITE OF BELL) CHUNG: Natalie. SAVITS: Sonny and Cher? CHUNG: You got it. (APPLAUSE) EISENBERG: Who knew these rappers and stars of the "House Party" franchise were a child and a theater production? CHUNG: We're looking for two rappers who were in the "House Party" movies, and one of them had big hair. (SOUNDBITE OF BELL) EISENBERG: Natalie. SAVITS: I have no idea, but I'm just going to think. EISENBERG: Yeah, sure. SAVITS: Child - so I'll say Kid and - Play. EISENBERG: That is correct. (LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE) SAVITS: What? Really? EISENBERG: (Laughter). SAVITS: I still am totally unfamiliar and have no idea what I just said. EISENBERG: Kid 'n Play - you did it. (LAUGHTER) SAVITS: Wow. CHUNG: It's the department store that's founded by God and a guy who makes fitted suits. (SOUNDBITE OF BELL) CHUNG: Spencer. GAFFNEY: Lord & Taylor. EISENBERG: Correct. CHUNG: Yeah, that was quick. (APPLAUSE) EISENBERG: This is your last clue. It's an ice cream company founded by the bell in Westminster's clock tower and Seinfeld. (SOUNDBITE OF BELL) EISENBERG: Spencer. GAFFNEY: Ben and Jerry's. EISENBERG: That is correct. (APPLAUSE) EISENBERG: Puzzle guru Art Chung, how did our contestants do? CHUNG: Another close game - congratulations, Natalie. You're one step closer to our final round. (APPLAUSE) EISENBERG: We don't care if you're in a duo, a thrupple (ph), quadrupple (ph) or just like swinging. Be a contestant on our show, and you only have to answer to yourself. Go to amatickets.org. Coming up, Jonathan Coulton will play a musical game about cities that are near cities that you will actually know. And we'll meet today's mystery guest, who's working on an interesting project. Is it a model of the Eiffel Tower made out of marshmallows? Who knows? Stay tuned to find out. I'm Ophira Eisenberg, and this is ASK ME ANOTHER from NPR. (SOUNDBITE OF PARAMORE SONG, "HARD TIMES") 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/17/07/Matching-Pairs.html