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ABC新闻:Must-have Christmas item that's been made in America since 1912

Finally tonight, made in America Christmas is back. For years now, we've been asking for your one thing. Or, in this case, two. Tonight, another one of your ideas, taking us all the way to Maine. Where inside the factory, they are racing tonight to finish boots for Christmas. Just today, we went to find a pair. Ll bean boots. So many call them duck boots. Merry Christmas. Thank you. Lucas, bringing me right to them. This is it. This is it. Takes me right back to my childhood. And what do the L's stand for in ll bean? People don't realize that ll bean is the guy's name. Yeah, Leon leonwood bean. Leon invented them more than 100 years ago. The year was 1912. It turns out, Leon had gone on a hunting trip and came back drenched. But he came back and his foot were soaked. Contactually. Nothing like this existed at the time. He had an idea. Boots, the bottom made of rubber, the sides, leather. Keeping your feet dry and the leather would last for years. Let's try on a pair. All right, we got them right here. Back in Maine, 600 workers working six days week. Lynnette on the line 23 years, making 120 pairs a day. One boot made at a time. At the score, we wondered, who made this pair? All in Maine. Putting on this boots took me right back to my childhood. I'm not the only one. Jane Moynihan is here, getting boots for her high schoolers. Some things never change. I'm just trying to be cool. Your kids are actually cool. Making these boots for generations back at that ticketry tonight, with three words in mind -- Made in America! Woo! We loved their boots. And your ideas. Keep them coming. A few days left until Christmas. I'm David Muir. I'll see you right back here This transCRIpt has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/17/02/Must-have-Christmas-item-thats-been-made-in-America-since-19.html